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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Schenck deserves final term in Florida House

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:55 PM

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THE ISSUE: Florida House District 35

OUR OPINION: Robert Schenck needs final term to finish objectives in the Florida House.

The race for District 35 in the Florida House pits three-term state representative Robert Schenck against former county commissioner Rose Rocco.

Both candidates are well versed on the issues facing the district and voters have two viable candidates for the seat.

Rocco, 71, a Democrat, has made sinkholes a focal point of her campaign and the impact they are having on property values across the county and state.

She has championed reform of Citizens Property Insurance Corp. in an effort to keep insurance rates affordable for those who are forced to use the state's insurance carrier of last resort.

Rocco also favors the Legislature re-examine the need for FCAT.

She believes officials at the county and school level are better able to determine a teacher's effectiveness then basing it on the results of a standardized test.

While she likes the idea of charter schools, she does not believe they should replace public schools. Rocco prides herself on her grassroots' fundraising efforts, noting that Schenck has raised more than $259,000 for his re-election bid, much of which came from various special interest groups outside the district.

While we certainly haven't agreed with every position Rep. Schenck has taken in his six years in office, he continues to focus on ways to improve the conditions for his constituency.

Schenck has taken a lead in the stance against red light cameras. He says they are a money grab by the cities and have little to do with driver safety.

He has helped cut some $5 billion from the state budget and in a fourth and final term would look to cut more by eliminating state agencies that duplicate services.

Schenck would also look to reform federal healthcare benefits.

He would also like to focus on Internet cafes and look to rewriting all gambling laws.

While Rocco is a likable candidate, it appears Schenck is better positioned to keep momentum going in the House during his final two years in office and finish the work he started in previous years.

Hernando Today recommends voters cast their votes for Robert Schenck in the District 35 Florida House race.

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