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Letters to the editor, March 3

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Published:   |   Updated: March 7, 2013 at 04:32 PM


The purpose of my letter is to thank Dr. Charity Miller and the staff at Brooksville Veterinary Clinic for their services carried out with professionalism and kindheartedness.

We took our dog Cajun to the clinic when his ear swelled up from a blood clot. Dr. Charity Miller removed the blood clot and stitched his ear only to have another clot develop lower in the ear.

We were beside ourselves, because since 2007 when my husband and I got Cajun from the dog pound, was our protector, and would alert us to visitors. He was a huge mutt our "gentle giant."

Dr. Miller performed another surgery on Cajun and subsequently placed a cone over his head so he could not disrupt the stitches. Our "conehead" Cajun, our gentle giant, put up with the cone and numerous veterinary visits and then finally yesterday Dr. Miller removed the stitches and his cone and now we have our healthy Cajun back.

Again, a special thanks to Dr. Miller and the staff at Brooksville Veterinary Clinic. My husband and I highly recommend their services.

James and Caroline Zoes


Time to care

I know most readers of this column "could care less" about this subject "I could care less is just careless" Nick Thomas on Feb. 28, but it's really refreshing to see something on the Op-Ed pages of this paper besides column after column of Obama bashing!

As a writer, I do care, and often gnash my teeth at how the English language is mutilated and mangled by all ages and education levels – especially by people (like newspaper reporters) who should know better.

Now I wonder if Mr. Thomas is willing to tackle the current trend that's giving my dentist new business: putting "at" in all the wrong places.

Oh, well, I guess in today's world, that's where it's at.

By the way, I couldn't agree more with Mr. Thomas.

GB Leatherwood

Spring Hill

Canadian oil

In North Dakota unemployment has gone down to 3 percent compared to 8 percent nationwide (really 12 percent). The reason for this is that new technologies now allow us to access 4 billion barrels of oil in the Bakthen fields, which has lead to strong economic growth in North Dakota.

A reasonable energy program could create hundreds of jobs and billions of additional revenue. Unfortunately, Obama has been against oil exploration as not conforming to his green energy plans.

In addition, he opposes the Canadian Keyston XL pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf Coast, which Canadian oil field is expected to become the second largest oil producer within the next decade.

We would no longer be dependent on Saudi Arabia for oil, who indirectly supports Al Qaeda with our money. This Canadian project would create 118,000 new American jobs besides making us less dependent on middle east oil.

The objection to the Canadian oil project may cause Canada to look to China for the sale of their oil, unless congress overrides his decision. We need to be rid of Saudi Arabia and to do business with Canada, a friendly neighbor, rather than a country who hates us. Wake Up America !

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

National pride

Why is it we have such controversial nominations to our most important Cabinet posts. Namely Chuck Hagel and John Kerry. 

Perhaps President Obama, who never served in the military, wonders why those who served, turned their backs on America, in spite of their military service. 

Most Americans, including the millions who served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, et all, cannot fathom them turning on those of us who served our country because they were inspired by those who served and came before us. 

One of our countries most gallant services is the U.S. Marine Corp. I am ex Army, Korean War veteran, have got to wonder, what happened to national pride serving for your country? 

Why can't President Obama nominate some of  those who served valiantly and then did not go on to demean America. Both Hagel and Kerry, in spite of their service to our country, turned around and took issue with America's effort to make the world a better place to live.  I would suggest the Chuck Hagel and John Kerry ride over to Arlington National Cemetery and explain this to those who served and did not come home.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill


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