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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Letters to the Editor

Published:   |   Updated: November 25, 2013 at 02:32 PM

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President just part of the problem

I was reading the two letters in the Sunday, Nov. 17, letters to the editor, and thanks to those two writers and their views.

It seems that most letter writers in the Letters to the Editor like to bash our present president but very rarely bash the other ones. I am not saying that this paper is biased but those writers have a tendency to forget to remember, there are 535 other people they forget to mention in most letters; they make the decision, the president only enforces it or will veto it. Yes, this is all about money and in the president's case, race, get over it. I recently heard on one of the news commentaries that there has not been a war since WWII and all these others we have been in are conflicts.

Did your readers ever think why the gas prices go up and down like a yo-yo? Greed and lobbyists. We get the majority of our oil produced right in this country, and with the new reserves in the Dakotas, we will not be dependent on foreign oil; "whoops," that's what they said about Alaska.

You wonder why politicians become lobbyists when they get kicked out of office in Washington D.C., so they can keep getting the Big Money. So when your writers mention the president in your articles or letters again, don't forget to mention the other 535 cronies.

Yes, I agree with the reader, send him back to Russia; we have enough Americans that commit those crimes and others. I hear that the Russian prisons are not so cushy; this country needs to follow how the sheriff in Arizona treats his prisoners and just maybe the criminals would think twice about committing crimes here in Florida or the rest of the country.

I hope the residents of Spring Hill are enjoying the increase in their tax bills when the millage and values went down. I hope you figured that one out because the county leaders figured how to get more tax money in the coffer for next year.

Gary Mercer

Spring Hill

Living in a spin world

Americans are living in a spin world, where the truth is whirled around with lies until you become dizzy. While the truth will set you free, the lies will bury you.

Lies only lead to trouble, and once you lie you have to keep on lying to hide the truth. This only creates more trouble. Can one person take a nation to war - even a world war? Hitler did and it can happen again.

Hitler and Obama seem to have similar traits and desires - narcissistic, self-serving and egotistical, and they want to rule the world. People with traits like this will use lies and deceit to get their way. It becomes natural for them to lie with a straight face and deny it at the same time.

What is going on with Iran and Obama's desires to make a name for himself can very well end up bringing all out war with Iran and Israel. If that should happen and Iran has nuclear weapons, we will realize Armageddon is upon us all, the war that ends all wars and everything else. All because one man wanted to rule the United States of America and world.

Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist, recently wrote an article entitled "Why it is easy for President Obama to lie to the American people." He states in his article that the president of the United States openly admitted that he lied to the American people about Obamacare and states why he did it.

I found this article most interesting because its gives some excuses why President Obama can lie to the American people and not be remorseful about it.

Here are some of the reasons Dr. Ablow provides why it seems so easy for President Obama to tell gargantuan lies:

- In order to feel guilty about deceiving someone, an individual must have respect for that person.

- He must consider the other man or woman his equal.

- He must believe that depriving the other man or woman of the truth would be a sin because it deprives that person of free will. Because without the facts, competent people can't make informed decisions.

Dr. Ablow goes on to say; "but I do not believe the president sees most Americans as competent. I believe he sees them as children, who cannot think for themselves, nor support themselves, nor defend themselves.

"And because he believes this is a nation of children who are powerless to truly decide anything knowledgably, withholding certain facts from them 'for their own good,' is no different than telling the kids a few harmless lies to keep them safe and settle them down and calm their anxieties."

If what Dr. Ablow says is true, then the American people are in deep trouble trusting a president and commander- in- chief who has "nuclear war" capabilities at his disposal.

How can Israel and our other U.S. allies trust our president when the American people themselves are having trouble trusting him?

There is no way the American people can trust a president who lies.

Is he a compulsive liar? I hope not, but time will tell, for a compulsive liar will resort to telling lies regardless of the situation.

"I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man." - George Washington

Vinny Martinez


Tragedy compounded

Re: Mother jailed for girl's death

Citizens want to feel safe from robbery, rape, violent crime. Our legislators and judiciary, in order to be elected and be considered tough on crime, have taken a "one size fits all" and force judges to minimum sentences. The violent offenders are those we want put away. Compassion for those who have made accidental mistakes would be a good thing. Besides, putting Tiffany Mitchell away for 2.5 years, she is now a convicted felon and unemployable in most decent jobs in our country.

When society puts a person in prison, it costs us $50,000 per person per year. The prison systems and guards love this, but our taxes pay for it. So if you put a person away for 20 years, it costs us $1 million in taxes. Our country was founded on the system of a fair trial and that the punishment should fit the crime. I feel for many of the above reasons (legislators wanting to appear tough on crime, prison systems wanting to grow and make money) that we have lost sight of what our founding fathers envisioned. The "law of unintended consequences," which government continually ignores in its zeal to fix problems, causes things like this to happen.

Many people may think it was lenient and others too much.

Sometimes accidents happen and bad things happen to good people.

You can go to Walgreens and buy vitamin pills that look like candy or gummy bears. If a small child overdoses on other "candy," then do we put the parent in jail. Yes we all have to be prudent and good parents. If Tiffany just made a mistake, then the punishment probably is too much and affects her and her two boys for the rest of her life. If Tiffany was a bad mom or a drug user, than that is another story. Just my two cents.

Bill Handley


Qualifying questions

I just completed the application for a senior child protective investigator position of Hernando County, Florida.

One of the "Qualifying Questions" (QQ) asked me: What motivates you to apply for the position of senior child protective investigator? Not this Denver 14 degrees with snow falling, but - "A mixture of almost five years of Florida child welfare service, my education, experiences, 'calling,' and the 25 deaths under DCF history since April."

Another QQ - Please choose 3 words that describe your work ethic. "Dedicated, compassionate, faithful," (DCF).

Last QQ - As a Senior CPI, you will be expected to be the "Acting Sup" in your supervisor's absence. Would you be able to supervise your peers and give them the directives needed in these situations? Please explain. - "No problem! I wouldn't hang out in the ivory DCF tower, but be on the battlefield, and lead by action. Please share my answers with Gov. Rick Scott and Interim Secretary Esther Jacobo. Thank you."

Mike Sawyer

Denver, Colo.

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