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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

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Not a race issue

Oprah Winfrey is one of the brightest and most successful personalities of the day. Her achievements are overwhelming. So why would a woman of her intelligence play the race card in defending President Obama? The president has one of the worst legacies since Richard Nixon. So how does racism come to play when people criticize him on Benghazi, the IRS scandal and lying to the American people about Obamacare? What does racism have to do with the president's shortcomings?

George Bush and Bill Clinton had their share of criticism during their tenure as president, yet no one claimed it was based on race, religion or any other reason. I believe Oprah has done herself a disservice by bringing up the race card, especially in light of the president's current problems. The president ran on a campaign of bringing Americans together. He has failed miserably in this matter. Maybe if he would stand up like a man and admit his mistakes, he would bring Americans closer together. In the meantime, we don't need Oprah or anyone else throwing flames on the race issue. The president is doing a good job on his own.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

Health care act misinformation

More disinformation or at the very least clouded information is being fed to the unsuspecting public about the Affordable Care Act. This would be the subsidy illusion - all those who think this will help defray the initial costs of the new and more expensive health insurance policies Americans will be forced to buy. The myth is the subsidies will help you purchase the policy, but that is not entirely true. The subsidy is a tax credit applicable to the next year's taxes. What does this mean? It simply means the newer and much higher initial cost will be borne by ... you. You are NOT going to get a check or an e-transfer or any kind of financial help for the cost - zip, zero, nada. You pay the premium. Oh yeah, it seems great to get a tax credit, but the huge starting cost is on you, it's out of your pocket and that doesn't even touch upon the huge deductible.

Now you ask why did they pass this law knowing all of its flaws? They, the socialist progressive Democrats,wanted it that way so single payer would be a softer sell. Single payer is socialized medicine. Just ask the people in the UK how well that works - months to sign up and see a doctor, and if you need a referral to a specialist you better pray your malady isn't life-threatening because there will be months just to see him and all the subsequent tests. So all you (people) who so love POTUS 44, log on, if you can, to health and further support him and his administration based on lies, lies and more lies until you feel the shackles of economic slavery on your wrists and ankles and see all your freedoms taken away. Then it'll be too late to rethink your idiocy.

George Stansbury


Lesson from 80 years ago

RE: Senate Filibuster Rule Change


Please review recent (mid-1900s) world history.

By 1933, the National Socialist Party had gained dictatorial control of Germany through constitutional means!

America ... beware!

Judith R. Hamilton


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