Thursday, Jul 24, 2014


Myers: Are we seeing gross incompetence or corruption?

The rapidity in which scandals, fiascoes and disasters are occurring with this presidential administration is mind boggling. What makes them more fascinating is that the seeds to many of these events were known well in advance and either no actions w...
Published: 07/20/14

Letters to the editor

We’ll miss you Norman Pallot
Published: 07/20/14

Remembering a man who championed freedom

Freedom of Speech has lost one of its most eloquent voices.
Published: 07/17/14

Maglio: Snowden exposes technological structure of totalitarian world order

Edward Snowden was a spy who worked for the National Security Administration or National Spy Organization. He is also a hero for putting is life on the line for our freedom. He revealed NSA’s ability to store enormous amounts of personal infor...
Published: 07/17/14

Manatee review should consider all the facts

In response to a lawsuit by the Pacific Legal Foundation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has decided downlisting manatees from endangered to threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act may be warranted, and the agency is embarking o...
Published: 07/17/14

Taft: Regarding immigration problem, “Get a visa” is no answer

Obviously the 50,000 unaccompanied children who have flooded over the U.S./Mexico border so far this year have created a political, economic and legal crisis for this country.
Published: 07/17/14

Maglio: The irony of climate change predictions

The 2013 Antarctica expedition of scientists and tourists was to retrace the steps of explorer Douglas Mawson in 1912. It was supposed to show that global warming was decreasing the ocean ice cap. Instead several nations sent icebreakers to assist th...
Published: 07/17/14

Our View: Tourism center money better spent on amenities

Any attempt to increase tourism in Hernando County is worth considering.
Published: 07/13/14

Reiniers: Take back your citizens

Let me set this up with some background information about the flood of minors and adults from Central America illegally crossing the border into the United States.
Published: 07/13/14

Jackson: Governments grow; Pasco delivers proof

The first draft of the latest Pasco County budget, including appendices, stretches 327 eye-glazing pages, and probes such topics as interfund transfers, contingencies and object codes. It is, in other words, not what anyone would mistake for a beach ...
Published: 07/10/14
Updated: 07/11/14

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