Thursday, Aug 21, 2014


Reiniers: Bitter enemies forging a common goal

A young person accepts as true or plausible whatever the teacher or a leader says or does. Critical thinking requires maturity.
Published: 08/10/14

Redistricting: Lots of shoes still to drop

So the Legislature is back at it, once more attempting to thread the devilishly miniscule eye of a needle only lawyers could love.
Published: 08/10/14

Bolton: Careful what you complain about

I find it baffling when I listen to propaganda talk radio shows and hear people complain about their government and how out of control it is — along with unsavory politicians and how much power they have over us. Why? Because you who demand so...
Published: 08/10/14

Koller: Democratic delays explained

If you watched Rachel Maddow recently you might have seen her take on the recent proceedings during the meeting of the House Rules Committee. Brought to the table were amendments to the bill that would bring a lawsuit against President Obama. Accordi...
Published: 08/10/14

Myers: Where it all begins

“Where it all begins” is a phrase used at the Marine Recruit Depot at Parris Island, S.C. “We make Marines” is another phrase that is quite evident throughout the Depot. These phrases are frequent reminders that the depot ...
Published: 08/10/14

Maglio: Republican party has lost its principles

The Mississippi Republican runoff election has undeniably affirmed the established Republican party is more concerned about retaining personal power rather than following its stated principles. They continue to give lip service to fiscally responsibl...
Published: 07/31/14

Brooksville’s red-light camera process a sham

This letter is regarding the red-light cameras, and the unprofessional and biased way the Brooksville Police and the hearing officer made their determinations.
Published: 07/31/14

Letters to the Editor

Medical marijuana must come with conditions
Published: 07/30/14

Covell: Penny for Progress takes away voters’ rights

The “Penny for Progress” sales tax referendum is being called an opportunity for taxpayers to reinvest in our community – a reinvestment for infrastructure improvements that most of us already paid in the way of impact fees when ...
Published: 07/27/14

Letters to the editor

Remembering Norman Pallot
Published: 07/27/14

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