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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

Bolton: Careful what you complain about

Guest columnist


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I find it baffling when I listen to propaganda talk radio shows and hear people complain about their government and how out of control it is — along with unsavory politicians and how much power they have over us. Why? Because you who demand so much give them a thumbs up every time you get on the telephone to the people you may or may not have elected, to complain and gripe about all your selfish wants and needs. So, in order to accommodate you, they bring in more tax money and put more laws into place. Consequently government gets bigger and more powerful, which in turn empowers them, causing your taxes to go up, making you indigent along with the loss of your precious freedoms. In other words, you get what you deserve!

For example, you complain about your neighbors’ sheds, fences, cars, boats, trucks, etc. in the yard; dogs barking, farm odors, grass too high, roosters crowing, chickens clucking, cows mooing, your lime rock road too dusty, neighbor’s hideous house color, kids playing and/or making noise, music too loud, people coming and going, too many garage and yard sales, etc. You see, just with this short list of complaints you empowered code enforcement, the building department, the road division, sheriff’s deputies, etc., just by dialing your phone. If one of you poor helpless souls gets bit by a mosquito you’re on the phone making demands and empowering mosquito control, generating charges that we’re all stuck paying for because of you!

I wonder if the men and women in the military have a mosquito truck following them around on maneuvers. Incidentally, dragonflies and bats are far more effective than spraying. The average brown bat can eat 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour and spraying kills dragonflies that eat mosquitoes. Spraying also kills fireflies or lightening bugs. I digress. Every time government goes out to enforce a law you helped to create, it costs all of us, because it takes manpower and money to out to people’s homes and businesses. You have to pay for vehicles, gas, maintenance on cars and trucks, wear and tear, paperwork, people, buildings, electricity, insurance and maybe new laws on the books, just to name a few. And where do you think they get the money to pay for all your demands? That’s right, the taxpayer. Some of you complain that there is not enough to do in this county to keep you occupied like it was back home. So you make that hateful phone call to government with your selfish demands. Of course the idea of moving, I’m sure, never crosses your mind.

The more people complain, the closer they get to turning this county into New York City, just like it was back home and I’m sure some of you would like that. Going back home definitely would alleviate the strain you’re imposing on this county and, who knows, you might find happiness, but I doubt it because most of you carry your misery around with you no matter where you go.

Being selfish and self-absorbed is detrimental to everyone in life, so stop acting like little children at Christmas time with a list of selfish wants, wishes and needs. There’s a song by the Rolling Stones that says it all, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” When it comes time to vote for your favorite con artist politician who promises to give you the world, because of your selfish wants, you swallow what they tell you, hook, line and sinker! Shame on you for being gullible and not knowing any better, Again, as usual, you get what you deserve and the government is more than happy to serve it to you, nice and cold! So, for the most part, stop blaming your renegade government for being out of control, because it is just a reflection of your selfish aspirations, which will destroy everyone in their path. As a wise man once upon a time said, ‘Careful what you complain about, it comes with a price.’

Craig Bolton is a Brooksville resident who runs Institute of Combat Arts, a martial arts and self-defense school.

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