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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Bolton: Christians in name only

Guest Columnist


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Well, as usual, the Christian right — not all, but most — are up to their hateful antics regarding keeping thousands of children from crossing the border of this country from Central and South America.

These children are escaping the heavy hand of drug lords, slavery, the sex trades and/or being murdered and you who call yourselves God’s Christians don’t want them coming into this country. It is shameful.

Is this what they teach you at the church you go to? Or is this in the bible you like to quote from? Because if it is, I don’t want to have anything to do with religion or you.

What I would like to know is what brings forth all this hate for people who look and talk differently than you? Maybe I just answered my own question. It comes down to the color of one’s skin. After all, I don’t hear you hollering about Canadians, Australians and Europeans coming over here. But then again, their skin color is white.

What you’re hoping to do to these children is the same disgraceful thing that happened to the Native Americans and blacks in this country and you can see how history treated them — like animals. The last time I looked, these children all bleed the same color as the rest of us. They all want a loving, safe and happy life, just like the rest of us. But according to you, this goes against the grain of a lot of Christians.

We should all turn our backs on these helpless children of creation, while you go to church, put on a good front to the people around you and live, for the most part, a comfortable life.

For all you people who read the Bible, hell is not a comfortable place to go to when you die. Just something to think about.

I find it interesting that these so-called Christians all seem to congregate on right wing talk radio shows where they can hide behind a telephone and spew their wrath against these forsaken children.

I have a question I would like to ask the Christians and that is, what would Jesus do with all these children crossing into this country? Do you think Jesus would turn his back on them, you know, the children of God? Would Jesus tell them to turn back and go home to be brutalized? Or would Jesus look at all of you with disgust and call you nothing but a bunch of hypocrites? Because you bring nothing but shame to his name, as well as the church. Jesus would say that none of you represent his church because you’re just Christians in name only.

Craig Bolton is a Brooksville resident who runs Institute of Combat Arts, a martial arts and self-defense school.

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