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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Bolton: For every action there is a reaction

Guest columnist


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I would like to cover several examples of how human beings and what they do has an unfathomable effect on everything in life, to where we simply just can’t bury our heads in the sand and plead innocent and/or ignorant of the calamities that are happening all around us because of our actions.

I keep reading and hearing various news sources, including gasbags on talk-radio who think they’re real geniuses and that you, the listener, are nothing more than a gullible saphead and that man has little or no impact on the planet. To me, this is arrogant and reckless, to say the least.

Most of these bags of wind never spent one minute in the environment beyond their microphone, let alone have any knowledge or degrees in science. But I guess when you’re being paid big money like most of them, you can get away with it.

Everything we do in life has consequences, no matter how big or small it may seem. Let’s first start with the controversial topic of the world’s climate and/or environment. I will explain in a simple manner what I mean through science and chain reactions.

Example one: the earth’s trees and plants oxygenate the atmosphere for all of us to breathe, including all animals and the plants, in turn, soak up the carbon dioxide that we and other life forms expel and convert it into food material to live and flourish. Trees and plants help produce rain, hence the word rainforest. They help to cool the earth, provide shade, shelter, food and moisture, and also serve as nature’s air purifier. Trees and plants give insects a place to live, which birds and other animals eat.

When you clear cut all the trees in the rainforest of Central and South America, including Africa and other places, it has a devastating effect on our climate and environment in more ways than one. Most of these magnificent trees are thousands of years old and go way back to the time of Jesus and beyond. Think about that for a minute. Once they are cut down they will never grow back, gone forever. When the land is cleared it looks like the Sahara desert and the trees, plants and all life forms are replaced with cattle farms, corn and other crops. Most of the timber is being sent to China, which they use and sell to the rest of the world. Take a look at the satellite photos over these areas, it will shock you.

Example two, if any of you ever had an aquarium you will soon realize how clean you must keep it, because if it becomes dirty and polluted from a lack of clean water and maintenance the fish and plants will soon die. As you can see on a small scale what the bigger picture is on a large scale like our lakes and oceans, because when they become stagnant and polluted all life ceases to exist. Just like your aquarium, it will no longer produce oxygen, which affects us, our climate and environment. Or, to put it another way, we all die! Again, your actions determine outcome.

Example three, when someone you know or may not know dies, it causes a chain reaction on everyone that person knew and did not know. It changes the course of history forever.

Can you imagine how much different life would be for all of us if we didn’t have wars over the centuries where hundreds of millions of souls perished? Think about all the scientific discoveries, medical advances, inventions, etc. that could have been made possible, but now are tragically lost forever. Again, man’s actions change everything permanently.

Example four, if you get a pet or it dies, it changes the whole dynamic of your household and routine. The same thing when you bring children into the world, you just affected history forever in both cases.

Example five, even killing a fly changes the course of history by causing again, a domino effect. For instance, by killing the fly you knock over a glass of milk, it hits the floor and breaks. You accidently step on the broken glass and cut your foot and take off to the hospital in which you had to cancel other engagements. On the way back home, a car crashes into you killing the driver. The baby in the car lives, but now it has no mother and a husband loses his wife and again history is changed forever and so it goes. This is an illustration on how something as small as a fly can have historical repercussions on everyone these people knew and didn’t know, another chain reaction.

Example six, what you say to people sets things into motion, whether it is good or bad, on how people are going to react to everything and everyone around them. Some will be inspired to do great things and others will go off the deep end depending on what is said. Again, history will be different all because your actions caused a reaction. We see this all the time on the world stage where wars were started all because of words!

So the next time you hear some overpaid mouthpiece or anyone for that matter tell you that your actions have little or no consequences consider the source, otherwise you’re just going to take the bait that they present to you and end up playing right into their hands.

You were born with common sense that a lot of people have lost along the way and hopefully you’re not one of them.

These examples that I laid out here prove my point and can’t be disputed because they are the basic laws of science that every scientist worth their salt has known for centuries and that is for every action there is a reaction.

Craig Bolton is a Brooksville resident who runs Institute of Combat Arts, a martial arts and self-defense school.

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