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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Bolton: Turn it off and tune in

Guest Columnist


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We have a very grave and pressing situation in this country that barely gets noticed or talked about. How bad is it? Let’s start with some astonishing facts and figures. Are you sitting down? The amount of children under 18 years of age that disappeared in this country alone is 800,000 a year. That’s 2,200 children a day that vanish and these figures go all the way back to 1984. Do the math, over a 30 year period that comes to a chilling 24 million children who have disappeared.

Now your government wants to divert your attention to Nigeria because approximately 300 school girls were kidnapped, in which, to nobody’s surprise, we got ourselves involved. We have U.S. Marines, law enforcement and, who would have guessed, the C.I.A. over there. I’m sure the C.I.A. has been in Africa right along. Is it about the girls or getting our claws into Africa for their treasures? Namely oil and minerals, because China beat us to the punch. You know the old saying, road to hell paved with oil and gold. Nice try with our government’s good intentions, but it failed me miserably.

Getting back to this country, where are all these children disappearing to? The sex trades, i.e. prostitution, pornography, slavery, sweat shops, underage sex and marriages to men with power and money, used to fight in guerrilla wars and tragically young organ body parts that are sold for big bucks to the highest bidders in foreign countries, just to name a few. The common thread is still sex in all these cases. As you can see, our children are being exploited and very little is being done about it — shameful.

I guess our lame government is too worried about their next pay raise, or the next war it can start or get involved with, or what kind of B.S. they like to feed you to get elected. However you look at it, it’s despicable.

What’s the answer? Get rid of your child’s computer and cell phone and stop looking at all the filth on your phone and computer. All you do is fuel the sex trade every time you look at porn. It has, as you can see, a very dark side. It all looks like fun, but it’s just an illusion in more ways than one. Stop buying porn, movies, magazines, soliciting prostitutes, etc. and start spending more time with your children.

This brings me to a question I have. Where are all these people we like to put on pedestals? Namely, big mouth wrestlers, MMA tough guys, boxers, big tough football players, bounty hunters, Hollywood, afraid of their shadow preachers, politicians and, most of all, where are you? I know you’re too busy looking at that electronic device in the palm of your hand, some mindless TV show, some blowhard on the radio, your computer or waiting to buy the next high tech gadget, to give a darn about human trafficking.

Craig Bolton is a Brooksville resident who runs Institute of Combat Arts, a martial arts and self-defense school.

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