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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Bolton: Welcome to the Matrix

Something to Think About


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So you think you’re a real genius because you have a cell phone, smart phone, iPad, iPod, tablet, blue tooth, computer — most with GPS capabilities, including your car — and coming soon (HUD) head-up display on your glasses, brought to you by Google?

Also coming soon are refrigerators that will let you know when you’re out of something. Hey dummy, you’re out of beer!

Well, congratulations, you just got yourself caught in this huge elaborate dragnet the government set up with the help of Google, C.I.A., N.S.A., Facebook and others to make life so much easier for the gullible sapheads out there. You have all been convinced and brainwashed that you cannot live without any of these items. Because if you do your life will come to a grinding halt (please stop the world and let me get off) otherwise you won’t be progressing and moving forward.

Talk about guilt, manipulation and mind control. Again, like most things in life it all comes back to money and control, by which you the consumer are more than willing to take the medicine from the snake oil salesman. Will that be the blue pill or the red pill? In either case, open wide, real wide and swallow. That’s a good boy and good girl.

Now welcome to the matrix. A world that’s designed to take your money, keep track of you 24/7 and keep you so preoccupied that your head is going to feel like it’s on a swivel. It’s designed to break up the family unit, not having time for personal one-on-one conversation with someone, destroying relationships and marriages through easy ways to meet people of the opposite sex, easy access to porn, which adds fuel to the fire. A world where children don’t go outside and play anymore or make things with their hands because of computers or that silly device in their hand, losing the ability to write with pen and paper. We’re losing our newspapers because of these gadgets, the Post office is going the way of the pony express, money is disappearing because of plastic cards, banks hardly have anyone going inside them because of online banking.

How many of you are so addicted to these high-tech gadgets you have to be constantly looking at them to where you can’t leave home without them? Next time you decide to point your finger at a drug addict you better take a hard look at some of your addictions.

This was all brought to you be your government through some despicable human beings like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, just to name a couple, who in my opinion have helped to upset the moral compass of this country, took us backwards not forward.

We don’t even talk to each other face to face anymore, because we look at a screen instead. Same thing with finding a date, it’s all online. Not for this guy.

Look at what Edward Snowden revealed about all this spying our government has been conducting on you through the use of those high tech gadgets of yours that you pay for. And now you find out you have been violated. I call it high-tech rape.

Look how Wall Street raped and pillaged the American people with the stroke of a computer key. The computer whiz kids on Wall Street made notorious organized crime boss Al Capone look like an altar boy without firing a shot. This country lost trillions of dollars and you lost in some cases your life savings, 401K, stocks, homes, businesses and marriages. Tragically, some people took their own lives.

So do you still want to tell how great these gadgets are? Should I go on? I will.

Look how all our books, magazines and libraries are going the way of the dinosaurs. How about all surveillance cameras going up all over the place to watch you in real time? How about all these unmanned drone aircraft they’re putting in the air to spy on you at your expense? How do you figure at my expense? Because every time you buy one or more of these high tech wonders you fund the whole matrix including drones and human trafficking. See editorial May 23, 2014 “Turn off Electronics and Tune In.”

All these devices you use can can track where you are and recorded visually, verbally, as well as your key strokes which are gathered and stored forever.

Are you feeling better now? Do you still want to make a case for the devil in disguise? Then I guess all I can say to you is welcome to the matrix.

Craig Bolton is a Brooksville resident who runs Institute of Combat Arts, a martial arts and self-defense school.

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