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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Climate change speech is a just a lot of hot air

Uncommon Sense


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The president gave a major speech at Georgetown University regarding climate change. He went after the coal fired power plants that supply huge amounts of electricity for the American people.

Indirectly he also attacked the coal mining industry that had given him huge campaign funds and in return he wants to close down their jobs. President Obama, the ruler-in-chief, has once again decided that he does not need to go to the Congress and seek their assistance to pass laws that he feels are good for the country. The president unilaterally proclaims another round of executive orders and the Constitution be damned.disregarding the fact that there has been no increase in temperature for the past 10 years.

But, we must never confuse the masses with facts because they don't understand the problem the way the president does. It will be interesting to see if the coal-related unions will continue to finance their own demise by sending more cash to the administration. Why doesn't he issue an international executive order that would curtail the coal-fired electrical plants in China and India?

They are responsible for more dirty emissions than the United States and China adds a coal-fired plant every day. Since both China and India would tell the president just what he could do with his "executive order."

The president can then turn to another huge source of dirty air and dirty emissions by banning the three American volcanoes currently erupting and sending clouds of smoke and debris miles into the Alaskan sky. He can then turn to the Fuego volcano in Guatemala and the Mayon volcano in the Philippines and demand they cease and desist their polluting behavior.

That, of course, will never happen but he will go about destroying jobs and being responsible for a dramatic increase in energy costs. That is just what our fragile economy needs, more unemployment and more money taken out of the hands of the American people. But what does that matter to the president whose trip to Africa, including his family entourage, who knows how many aides and security people with their 40 vehicles will cost up to $100 million while Americans are hanging on from paycheck to paycheck to exist.

This is an administration so out of touch with reality that is mired in a plethora of scandals but denies any involvement and protects those who can't remember their own names when asked to testify before a congressional committee.

This too shall pass as it cannot go on forever.

The wall of deceit and the cone of silence which eventually shall crumble or the nation will crumble and fail to be the democratic republic we once knew. The likes of Cloward and Piven shall have succeeded in their plan to destroy the capitalist system and with it the country.

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