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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

Credibility gap

BY LEN TRIA Uncommon Sense

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The Obama administration has indeed run into a buzzsaw of criticism and scandal-ridden disclosures that its credibility on any issues is in serious jeopardy.

When the administration’s press corps, The New York Times, writes an editorial calling into question President Obama’s credibility, the administration is in trouble. One of the basic foundations of any administration is its ability to portray truthfulness and trustworthiness.

It appears that the Obama administration is failing on both counts. Benghazi, the IRS scandal, NSA revelations and failure to prevent the Boston bombings are issues that are piling up and not being explained fully by the administration.

What we get is a bunch of bureaucrats appearing before Congressional committees claiming they can’t recall, they have no knowledge of and similar outright stonewalling that is finally getting the American public to question the credibility of the administration.

The latest incidence was the debacle of the FBI Director, Robert Mueller, who given the questions in advance could offer no creditable answers or in some cases no answers at all. Watching that debacle one could only wonder what is happening to our government and can they, in effect, be trusted to perform their positions of trust.

A government that is not trusted by the people is a failed government that will not accomplish its mission and will constantly be on the defensive due to its inability to be forthright in its actions and responses.

The mainstream media also is beginning to question the actions and the antics of the administration, and that does not bode well for the president.

The most recent scandal involves our ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, a $500,000 contributor to Obama’s campaign, who it was reported by the State Departments IG to have routinely ditched his security detail to “solicit sexual favors” allegedly including minors.

Once again it is reported that the Undersecretary of State for Management, Patrick Kennedy, allegedly interfered with the IG’s report and had it “scrubbed” to avoid another embarrassing situation.

However, it did not stop CBS News, which located a memo and subsequent watered-down drafts from the Inspector General’s Office, and the New York Post from bringing this story forward. At first some of the above incidents could be excused as some honest mistakes.

However, that premise fades quickly as the incidents and the public stonewalling continues to erode the administration’s credibility. When will the president face each one of these issues, without his teleprompter, and tell the truth about each one to the American people. After that last sentence, I woke up and realized that is not about to happen with this president.

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