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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Democracy or Despotism?

Uncommon Sense


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The hearings presently being carried on by the House Oversight Committee are beginning to expose severe cracks in the very foundation of a free and democratic representative government.

When officials of one of the most powerful agencies in government, the Internal Revenue Service, give flippant and evasive answers to legitimate questions coupled with an amazing incident of temporary amnesia one has to question what happened to our government?

How can these highly paid officials have the audacity to give irresponsible and arrogant responses to those charged with their oversight? It doesn't matter what party is involved it is wrong and further it is downright dangerous.

When the force of government can be used under the color of official business to deliberately harm American citizens it speaks of the worst kind of government tyranny.

That was the reason our Founding Fathers were so insistent on limiting the power of the federal government and vesting power in the states and the people. The very purpose of the system of checks and balances was but another way of keeping any branch from unbridled power. Instead of political showmanship by both sides the Congress needs to come together and root out the mismanagement and illegal activities that cause harm to the American people.

Forget scoring political points and forget trying to defend an indefensible position but rather work toward rebuilding trust in government that reassures the public that their rights are being protected. Instead we watch representatives making the most inane statements trying to defend their political party and leaders.

Those who break the trust of the American people and hide behind a wall of lies and convoluted logic fool only themselves. We may be a divided country but we are not yet a nation of fools and though it may take some time the public comes to recognize dishonesty and eventually will speak out against it.

The abusive treatment of conservative groups today could be the suppression of liberal groups in the future and the public will have none of it. We must persevere in the search for truth and expose wrongdoers whoever they may be because ours is a government based on the rule of law and not the rule of rulers.

Nixon held out until the tapes surfaced, Clinton lied until the blue dress showed up and the present administration will keep stonewalling until the veil of deceit is torn away as it inevitably will be. Long live the Republic!

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