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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Hunting is necessary part of nation’s fabric

Guest columnist


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Regarding Craig Bolton’s May 28 column, “Marked for death,” the essay was very critical of hunters and I believe this was not fair.

Bolton made some comments that give us a good look at the liberal way of thinking. It seems to come from out of nowhere, but if you look at it closely, it starts to look like he only uses one source of information to base his opinions on. Namely, the liberal media.

For example he says: “All hunters are knuckle-dragging Neanderthal cowards because they shoot animals who can’t shoot back.”

First of all, he insults people he most likely never met or made any effort to understand. This is something most liberals criticize conservatives for. But he goes on to show that he seems to live in a world where all animals are the type you see on Disney movies where all they do is hang out and talk stupid stuff, smell the daisies and never hurt a fly. In the real world animals like wolves, bears, fox, bobcats, lions and coyotes are alive only because they are killers. Yes, they kill for a living; it’s natures way. Did you ever hear the story that all creatures in the sea don’t die of old age because they are all food for each other? This is how nature keeps itself in balance. If not for the predator, the prey would overpopulate the world and eat up the whole food supply, then they would all starve to death.

Somehow Mr. Bolton seems to think hunters are cowards if they follow nature’s way.

He looks at all hunters in a stereotypical way; to him they are all 300-pound bearded bruits who stalk the woods with full auto cannons and grenades to track down and murder Rocky the Flying Squirrel. And if Rocky should pull out a full power slingshot and fire an acorn back at that hunter, the hunter would scream and run home to mommy to kiss the boo-boo.

A more realistic view of hunters might be something like this: Back in the day when America had families instead of welfare recipients, many fathers would give their sons a .22-caliber rifle before they even had facial hair. A year later that kid would pop Rocky the Flying Squirrel in the head at 100 yards. Not that he hated squirrels. He in fact loves squirrels right next to his string beans and mashed potatoes with lots of gravy. You see, squirrels are delicious because they eat mostly nuts that give them a delicious nutty flavor. I mean, really good eating.

But the thing Craig says that I find most objectionable is that hunters would not be willing to hunt if the prey could shoot back.

Consider that later in life many kids who learned how to hunt when they were young hear the call of their country due to some emergency, like terrorist attacks that killed many Americans or the attack on Pearl Harbor. These kids then join the military, leaving that squirrel gun home and picking up a military-issued rifle. It’s a natural transition from squirrel gun to military rifle because they already know the basics of shooting. Then off they go to the war zone — currently that’s Iraq and Afghanistan.

When they get there they do not find Rocky the Flying Squirrel armed with a full auto sling shot loaded with 30 acorn mags; instead they find Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, tough professional killers armed with AK-47 assault rifles, rocket propelled grandees and .50-caliber machine guns — and they are masters at planting booby traps with hi-explosives. And, yes, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban shoot at those American kids who grew up hunting. And yes, those American kids return fire. Often those American kids get shot themselves, but they still shoot back. If they lose an arm or a leg, they still shoot back. If they ran out of ammo, they use a bayonet, a rifle butt or theirs fists.

So yes, Mr. Bolton, hunters still would hunt if the prey shot back. If you doubt this ask the Taliban or Al-Qaeda.

American kids fight like they do to protect the freedom and liberty that their fathers gave them when they handed their sons those little .22-cal squirrel guns. And, believe it or not, it’s also to protect the freedom of speech guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States. Even for people like Craig Bolton.

It’s clear that liberals want to disarm America, but they just do not realize that by doing this they will not make us any safer. Look at it this way: On average, 8,500 people are killed with guns every year, but one to more than two million criminal acts are stopped by guns every year. Clearly this means that if guns are removed from America, the murder rate easily can go up to over two million. So the solution to the murder problem is to get guns away from people with a mental illness, and to keep law abiding citizens fully armed.

Because I listen to Left Wing and Right Wing news sources, I have become convinced that the liberal media wants to disarm America using lies and distorted facts, because it’s the only way to impose socialism on America. It has to be realized that socialists taking over a country is not new — it happens all the time — but it cannot be done with armed citizens.

Craig you have to open your mind.

Jose Lugo is founder of and a Spring Hill resident. Email him at

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