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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

Instability in all directions, here and abroad

Uncommon Sense


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Our congressional actors have stuck it to the American people once again. The recent outrage is the allowing of government staffers to get huge subsidies to purchase health insurance even though they are among the top money earners in this country.

That means that the people who can least afford it are once again paying the bill for those who can best afford it.

The recent events dating back to Benghazi, the IRS situation and the NSA monitoring of American's private email and conversations are serious actions that the American people are concerned with.

Plug into that scenario the recent closing of 19 embassies and conciliates in the African continent in relation to alleged threats by al Qaeda in that part of the world.

This latest development despite the fact that the president has proclaimed more than once that al Qaeda is decimated and on the run. The facts however, do not support that conclusion. The closing of our facilities suggests the opposite conclusion that al Qaeda is on the run.

When the president was on Jay Leno's show he made a comment about the fact that he had little patience with Russia and their stance against the gay community.

If that is true why did he bow to the king of Saudi Arabia whose kingdom harbors exactly the same anti-gay policies? That goes for the rest of the Muslim countries that are unified in those feelings.

Why hasn't he lost patience with them and stopped the flow of U.S. assistance that goes to these countries?

Switching subjects, back here at home, we have an effective rate of 14 percent unemployment while the administration comes out with numbers that are one-half of the true rate.

Every time the unemployment rate drops it does so because millions of Americans have given up looking for work and are removed from the workforce.

Once again, if everyone stopped looking for work, even though they are still unemployed, the unemployment rate would officially fall to zero.

This has been the worst recovery since the Great Depression and it can be laid at the feet of the administration for the failure to come up with policies that help the economy instead of rules and regulations that are contrary to economic growth.

Instead, what the administration is doing is creating a bigger dependent class for the sake of holding power.

We have more people on food stamps - 47 million people - not to mention those on unemployment compensation, people on disability, etc., than at any time in our history.

The result is going to be will soon have more unproductive people than those who are productive.

It will be interesting to see when that point is reached where the money will come from to pay for this utopian society.

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