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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

IRS and more to come

BY LEN TRIA, Uncommon Sense

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There is no doubt that the administration is under attack from its former cohorts in the mainstream press because they, the press, do not appreciate being lied to.

What started out as the Benghazi situation has now spread to the IRS and the Justice Department where revelations of wrongdoing have been exposed.

In the case of the IRS it was disclosed that the IRS was deliberately holding up tax exempt status designations for organizations that were Tea Party-related. It apparently did not stop at that but was extended to organizations that had other names relating to smaller government, lower taxes and in general conservative oriented groups.

Even groups that were favorable to Israel and Christian-related groups were singled out for action to delay or not grant the requested tax status. The requests were languishing in the IRS offices for more than three years without action being taken. This is without a doubt a serious abuse of power by the federal government.

The IRS is an agency that can crush people and their businesses and inflict untold harm on innocent Americans. When the president asked about this said he found out about it from the newspapers that were breaking the stories over the weekend.

Yet the IRS individual in charge of the responsible unit had already come out publicly and admitted what happened and apologized for her agency’s actions. For some reason this president never knows anything when serious allegations of wrongdoing surface. He stated that “if it were true” he would be outraged.

Then on Wednesday the president makes a TV statement expressing his outrage and saying that the Treasury Secretary had accepted the resignation of the acting IRS Director. What he failed to say was that Mr. Miller was slated to step down in June and that he is staying on until then.

So he makes it appear that he took action when in reality he really didn’t do anything but throw some magic dust into the air to confuse voters. This situation will not go away quietly, as there will be Congressional hearings and it will be brought out that there were Democrat senators that wrote letters to the IRS encouraging them to exercise extra scrutiny on the conservative organizations.

This again is an abuse of power because senators should not be trying to influence the actions of the IRS. It was only a short time ago that the president gave a commencement speech and admonished the graduates to not be influenced by the growing chorus of voices warning about the tyranny of big government.

Just a little something extra, according to an article in the New York Post dated May 8, 2011, the same woman, Lois Lerner, who admitted holding up requests for conservative groups signed off on a request by President Obama’s half brother Malik Obama for a charity in just 30 days, and in an unusual move granted it retroactively to December 2008.

That proves the axiom it’s not what you know but who you know.

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