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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Letters to the editor


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My side of the story

I was accused on March 24 of battery and disorderly conduct.

I did not go after a man with a knife in a store . I was waiting in line at the service desk to return Popsicles and two cans of ravioli. The employee did not want to do the return. He pointed at the cashier and said she would do it. I was talking to someone else. I got in line in the mobility chair and a man got into an argument with me. He started swearing loudly and made threats that he was going to slam me on the ground. The manager came and told me to leave. They are charging me with battery for throwing the Popsicles and a liter of Diet Pepsi. The sheriff's office report doesn't say a deputy threatened to shoot me if I moved and made me sit on the parking lot instead of putting me a patrol car first. I told him I had a herniated disc and blurry vision and they said they did not care. I had a kitchen knife in my hooded sweater pocket because I cut an apple with it earlier.

Ines Ortiz

Spring Hill

Prisons shouldn't cater to prisoners

Our prisons are being converted to upscale hotels with all of the present day amenities provided prisoners. Now, there is a new amenity for prisoners: giving certain prisoners a choice of a special menu.

This latest amenity is the result of an order by a federal judge, to order a Florida prison to provide kosher meals for Jewish prisoners.

Providing kosher meals is not simple, it requires a separate kitchen to prepare food, in addition it will require separate sets of dishes, one for meat dishes and one set for dairy dishes and a Rabbi has to supervise keeping the kitchen kosher.

The cost of providing kosher foods, to the state and eventually to the tax payer, is more expensive than non-kosher foods. The overall cost of providing kosher foods will cost each prison millions.

The federal court order is a joke, in that each Florida prison has a minimum number of Jewish prisoners, averaging 15 members per prison. Eighty percent of the Jewish prisoners never kept a kosher kitchen at home prior to their imprisonment, but now are all for a kosher meal. This is just a scam.

If Florida prisons are required to serve kosher meals, this will open the gates for a demand for special meals by Hindus, Muslims and many other ethnic groups.

The federal courts are mostly out of control in their controlling of state government. A Massachusetts federal judge ordered the state of Massachusetts to give a prisoner a sex change at a cost of over $300,000. The federal courts throughout the country have ordered thousands of medical procedures whether needed or not, at a cost of hundreds of thousands per year.

These federal judges seem to have forgotten that a prison is supposed to be a penalty for some bad act and not a summer vacation.

The reason for the bad decisions by our federal judges is poor leadership. We need to look to our good and valued congressmen for new leadership to set a new course of sanity.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee, FL

Stop Obama in November

The House voted to hold Lois Lerner in contempt for her involvement in the IRS targeting of conservative 501(c)(4) non-profits. I'm not going into the circumstances of this despicable act suffice to say she should be in jail for what she has done. Any government employee, from Obama down to the lowest member of the food chain, who uses their position to undermine or hurt any group or individual American should be immediately terminated and then put on trial for a felony.

Lerner is just another cog in the wheel of the Obama criminal organization that somehow duped a lot of really dumb citizens into voting for a fascist regime. I sincerely hope that enough citizens realize their error and vote this November and put the Senate as well as the House in the hands of Republicans and Independents so we can stop Obama in his last years in office of completely destroying our country.

This can and must be done if you want to save at least a semblance of the America most of us grew up in. If only young people where given the truth about America and our fight for independence over the last centuries American Revolution, Civil, WWI, WWII, and the Judaeo- Christian philosophy that shaped our nation, while they were in school, instead of the leftist propaganda fed them from fascist teachers, well perhaps we would not be in the situation we find ourselves. Get active, get involved, get on your knees and pray. There is still time left, but it grows shorter with each day you delay.

God help us.

Allan Walker


A letter to our president.


I earnestly hope you were paying close attention to the events that unfolded in Clark County Nevada this weekend. I ask this because it is a microcosm of what is happening in all 57, oops that's your number, I mean 50 states. We the people have had enough of your lies and your total disregard for our constitution and the vile bullying tactics implemented by your acolytes in every branch of the government. The use of the IRS to try and silence those who oppose you and the NSA to keep tabs on every citizen but, I would surmise, also primarily your opposition and force feeding the American public to welcome those who have entered our country illegally and giving them the very rights we who have risked our lives to defend and spitting on the graves of the four brave heroes who gave their last full measure in Benghazi by lying, time and again, that it was just a protest of some nebulous post on you-tube. That was your most heinous lie directly in the faces of the loved ones who were morning their loss.

Those cattlemen in Nevada surrounded by their many supporters are a clear example of what we the people feel. We want you and all your like-minded euro-socialists gone, the first step coming this November when we retake control of the senate rendering you a lamer duck than a one legged Daffy. Then in 2016 when we enter the White House and undo all the damage you have done.

Enjoy all the taxpayer funded vacations you can as your time to do so is finite. I never liked Pres. Carter or Clinton but I did respect them but you, sir, are beneath my contempt.

George Stansbury


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