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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Create a ‘secretary of sanctions’

Dew to policy dictated by the president and the Democratic administration, I feel it is becoming increasing necessary to create a new Cabinet post: secretary of sanctions.

We as a world-leading nation have imposed so many sanctions on so many countries that this has to be confusing and extremely difficult to keep track of. To account for who has what sanction and what we have left to impose, I recommend we create this new post. Our fearless leader has enough on his plate — fundraising, TV interviews, golf and vacations — without keeping track of these important world crisis matters.

This new secretary post would help free up important presidential time and lift the burden of being in Washington any longer than absolutely necessary. Remember, Mr. Obama always carries his cell phone and never is very far from Air Force One. So don’t worry; everything is under control. Yeah ...

J.T. Woods


Force is best response to inhuman acts

Tragic as the beheading of Tim Foley was, it serves to crystalize and bring into focus just who we are dealing with in the Middle East. Whether or not he should have been there is a subject for another discussion. The fact that he was murdered by the savage element of whom the lame brain media refer to as militants or rebels is the point.

These animals, be they ISIS or ISIL or al-Qaeda or Hamas or Hesbollah, have the least regard for human life of all the existing life forms on Earth. Their avowed goal is the assimilation of every person into their bogus, so-called religious beliefs. I will never accept Islam as a religion. It is a socio-political philosophy much as Nazism and communism — both of which were dedicated to the conquest of all mankind to force their atrocious beliefs upon us.

The current debate is how to deal with these porcine savages. My answer, at least as far as ISIS is concerned, is we must introduce them to the three Bs: B-1 , B-2 and their big brother, B-52.

There is only one thing these animals understand. Force. So we must kill them off on a wholesale basis. When a few towns or villages are leveled the people there might just get the message to rise up and rid themselves of the oppressors or, more likely, the cowardly beasts will turn tail and run knowing their annihilation is at hand. And make no mistake; annihilation is the only cure for this pestilence.

George Stansbury


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