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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

Maglio: Equal performance deserves equal pay

Traditional Realist


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Every person has the freedom to choose the type of job he wants in a free market economy. No one is forced into taking a job. When a person feels she is being exploited after taking a job she can look for another employer who will better meet her needs. No one is locked into any particular position. The person always has the option to find employment more to her liking.

Pay is not the only reason a person accepts a job. NFL cheerleaders are suing over low pay. These cheerleaders from the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are seeking to become a class action lawsuit against these specific NFL teams. More than 100 females strenuously compete to be selected as team cheerleaders knowing full well their compensation is not solely the money but mostly the glamour and high profile exposure. Many of them use this experience as a launching pad for future careers. It is a conscious choice to become a cheerleader, which comes with low salary but celebrity status.

In a capitalist system, an employer also has choices. He does not have to select the first applicant. The boss has the freedom to hire whoever he desires. A written or verbal contract is established where either party can revoke the agreement at their own discretion following ever increasing regulations.

Evaluating an employee’s compensation is a complex process that has to consider many factors. Directly comparing women’s salaries with men’s without carefully considering these differences is not worthy of discussion. This is exactly what a highly publicized study has done.

The study that states women make only 77 percent of what men make is a shameless example of politicians distorting the facts. This 23 percent difference in wages was derived solely by comparing full time wages of men and women.

This non-representative percentage is being used by the Democratic party to energize single female voters to turn out for the 2014 elections. There are no significant variables in the comparison between male and female wages. It was not calculated by factoring in the career field, working hours, experience, education, job gratification or unpleasantness, physical risk and job security. Once these factors are accounted for, the wage differential almost disappears.

Ideally everyone deserves equal pay for an equal job, however in reality no two people perform any job in the exact same way. Even the progressive New York Times male workers and the Obama administration’s male executive officials were making far more than their female counterparts.

The most important aspect in establishing one’s wage is the perception of the owner’s analysis of the employee’s worth to the operation. The ability to perform the specific tasks at a high level will determine the person’s evaluation and pay.

The same job and education level should not solely determine the salary of an employee. Dependability, cheerfulness, strong moral values are areas that are difficult to evaluate but are extremely important. The quality of the performance should be considered to determine the employee’s actual value to the business.

Men traditionally and even presently have a decided advantage over women in the job market. Due to size, strength and competitive nature, men gravitate towards more demanding, high risk, low security, high stress positions. They are assisted by their wives in caring for their children at home, keeping up the home and relieving their husbands of errands, which have to be completed for the family to efficiently function. This gives men more time to focus on their jobs.

When women do work outside the home they tend to be attracted to the more gratifying helping professions, which pay less. Many females leave their jobs for five to 10 years to raise a family. These extensive absences from the job market result in lost training experiences and seniority. The female’s value to the company is diminished by these factors regardless of her competency.

Women and men should never make the same salary just because they have the same position and education. A more productive female with less education should make more money than a less productive male and visa versa.

Productive value to a business in a capitalist society should be the major factor in determining an employee’s salary and benefits. The United States central government through laws and regulations has taken an active role in commanding businesses to take specific actions against their self interest. This handicaps free market business.

Capitalism is being transformed into a centrally controlled command economy. This is negatively impacting our citizens’ opportunities to freely compete and consequently negatively impacting our economy.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program in Spring Hill. Visit Dr. Maglio at or email him at

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