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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Maglio: Injustice through political pandering and media bias

Traditional Realist


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Everyone wants justice in a society. It creates an atmosphere where citizens have faith that when they follow the law they will not be prosecuted for a crime. They had known that you are innocent until proven guilty under our law.

Pandering politicians and a biased media are undermining this standard of innocent until proven guilty. Politicians are not asking people to wait for the legal process to determine the guilt of a person. Governor Nixon of Missouri and Attorney General Holder informed the public that an individual, in this case a white police officer: Darren Wilson, with a perfect record, will be prosecuted before any legal process had begun. These premature announcements do nothing to arrive at a just decision; rather it is a pathetic attempt to gain favor with special interests to gain their support in the next election.

The media’s published reports are slanted to appease minority leaders so as not to be called racist bigots. The outside agitators are justifying the looting, which the media has played up. The narrative is “the establishment” is always prejudiced against poor black people even though there is an African-American president and head of the Justice Department. The federalizing of this investigation undermines not only the state government’s authority and legitimacy but also all past and future rulings of our judicial system. It is putting our system of law under a cloud.

It is more politically expedient to appear to be protecting the poor at all costs than maintaining the integrity of our judicial system. Many of their ancestors and present day blacks were victims of past and present discrimination although it does not give any person the right to trample on the businesses and rights of law-abiding blacks.

The media personnel under the fear of being seen as racist are advocates for the minority rather than seekers of truth. When the press reports so called “facts” that contradict pertinent evidence, which does not fit the template they ignore or distort these facts. This is occurring when there is a possibility of punishing an innocent law abiding member of the police force.

There is an institutional bias against police officers. White cops have been portrayed as nasty aggressors even when they have been provoked. After any incident of a cop discharging his gun he is suspended and put through several psychological batteries of tests before he can be reinstated. The police are carefully scrutinized by their own procedures.

According to The Washington Post, there have been 53 cops who have been killed with their own guns. This negates the argument that a person is unarmed. A belligerent person has the power to physically overpower an officer to take his weapon. Being a police officer is a dangerous job.

Over a 10-year period an average of 154 white cops are killed annually. White officers killed a black person, on average, 96 times per year. Yet these officers are described in the media as the major cause of black rage.

The fact is 90-plus percent of all homicides of blacks have been done by other blacks while whites have killed blacks at a 7 percent rate. This is according to the 2011 FBI statistics. There is a significant black gun violence issue in our urban centers, although it should not be attributed to law enforcement. Chicago alone has had 4,265 murders in the eight-year period from 2003-2011. This has to be addressed but not as a black-white victim issue. It is a subculture issue where the absence of black fathers and the glorification of criminals are encouraging anti social behavior.

There is no justification for a rush to judgment to quell a mob provoked by professional agitators. This cowardly act by political leaders has not calmed the demonstrations but prolonged the riots. Our nation’s jurisprudence is not “you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.” This perversion of the system is a prime mover in creating a lynching mentality.

The ignorance of mob behavior, mob thinking and political expedience of dismissing the process of justice is embarrassing and frightening. The mob dictating the legal process and the politicians not leading but pandering is unconscionable. “No justice, no peace” is code for “if the officer is not found guilty, we will riot.” It is a direct threat to the acceptance of our legal system’s verdicts. Without justice, law and order will be extinguished while chaos will rise and reign.

Anarchy will result in a similar fashion as it did during the French Revolution. There will be executions on the spot at the will of the mob for class and racial reasons. Established law will no longer exist only mob chaos.

America must demand the rule of law based on truth and blind justice. The shouting of racial injustice by outside provocateurs to incite violence should be condemned by the media and politicians, not condoned. Out of control lawlessness serves no positive purpose. It will further divide the nation fanning the flames of self-destruction bringing us closer to imploding.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program in Spring Hill. Email him at or visit him at

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