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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

More Leftists in government

Uncommon Sense


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In another example of the lap-dog press not doing its job is the story of the person responsible for buying guns and ammo for the federal government.

It seems, Ayo Kimathi, the person responsible for the purchase of guns and ammo for the Department of Homeland Security, also runs a racist website, War is on the Horizon, that contains some of the most vile and repugnant racial remarks. The feds claim that the site was approved only on the word of Kimathi and it was not checked out by anyone.

This is yet another great example of the incompetents that staff our government and are true examples of the "Peter Principle." Meanwhile, this disgusting human being is buying weapons and ammo that many believe are for use against the American people. The site proclaims that a lot of whites will have to be killed in order for the black man to succeed in the 21st century.

He has also blamed Jews, who he calls small hats for stepping up the increased media attention. This moron was placed on administrative leave with pay when he should have been charged with hate crimes and arrested.

The Obama administration, the most incompetent in recent history, fails to act on these matters because, in my opinion, it reflects the feeling of the administration and the many hacks that have been hired to carry out the destruction of the American system of government.

It has always been stated by our enemies that they will defeat us from within, and that is exactly what they are doing.

In a related matter, in a response to Sen. Tom Coburn, the DHS claimed it was buying huge amounts of ammo to "significantly lower costs." That's a crock because they are buying hollow-point ammo that cost more than ball ammunition, and further, hollow points are outlawed by the Geneva Convention for use in combat, leaving these rounds to be used in America against Americans.

In 2012, the DHS placed an order with ammunition maker ATK for 450 million rounds of "hollow-point" ammunition.

Is the government expecting a full-scale terrorist attack on the streets of America? Why do they need almost a half billion rounds of ammo? What is going on that we, the American people, don't know about?  

Finally, why has the government retrofitted 2,700 armored vehicles for use on American streets? Where the heck is the U.S. Congress and why aren't they more vocal about what's happening? Who does the government of this would-be dictator fear so much that they must buy millions of rounds of ammo and armored vehicles to patrol our streets?

When the confrontation comes, if it does, I know which side I will stand with and that will be with the millions of freedom-loving Americans who will not be subjugated by tyranny!

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