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Wednesday, Mar 25, 2015

Myers: Obamacare is just one issue

A Mind of My Own


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The special election in Florida District 13 was the talk of the media as to what it truly meant for the November elections.

This was the district that President Obama won handily in 2008 and 2012. David Jolly, the Republican candidate, won and stressed that Alex Sink was a big supporter of Obamacare and President Obama.

There are those who say that Obamacare will be the most important issue in the coming elections and others who say that it will only be one of many issues. I agree with the latter rather than the former. The Republicans should not allow Obamacare to be discarded, but there are many issues that should be debated with the Democrats.

The lackluster economy and how to improve it should be one of the main issues. How much longer will it take to turn the economy around?

I recently read an article by Arthur Herman and John Loo in The Weekly Standard. They outlined how President Roosevelt initially tried to maximize the industrial output in the United States by centralizing everything and controlling it from Washington. As the authors point out, with a war looming Roosevelt knew that moving to a wartime footing could not be left up to bureaucrats and politicians. He brought in the best and brightest from industry and used their expertise to get production moving in the right direction. Although he and many government officials thought that it was "war profiteering" to make money, the authors reported that he changed his mind and used profit as an incentive.

What resulted is history. Production and innovation by Americans solved many hardships and caused problems to disappear. One must remember that computers were in their infancy as were so many other technical advances that we take for granted today. The Jeep was designed and built in days. Planes, tanks, and ships came off the production line like never before. Capitalism and individual incentives produced all the material necessary to win World War II.

Today, we are told that the economy is improving, but at this rate it will take another decade to really be where we want it. Millions of our people have been out of work for extended periods of time and millions more are on food stamps. When one looks at the number of regulations that continue to pour out of the federal government that create roadblocks to the creation of new jobs it seems that this can not be just a coincidence.

Who are these environmentalists and where do they get their power such that tiny creatures take priority over humans. Much of the draught in California is because of regulations causing the water to be diverted and as a result farmland is turned into wasteland. The oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf has been studied for over five years and yet more study is demanded by special interest groups.

I am reminded of the feelings during the Carter administration. The millennials were not yet born (14 -34 years old) so I can understand their being taken in by sweet talk, but what about the rest of the population? Do they not remember double digit inflation, unemployment, and interest rates? Inspiring the population caused the people to rally and turned the country back on again. That resulted in the longest growth rate in our history. This is the greatest country in history and I for one am tired of those who continue to highlight every flaw and downplay all of the good that has been accomplished not just in our country , but throughout the world. Some will say that we can not be the policemen of the world, but if we are not leading, who will step in? Will it be better with China or Russia in the lead. I don't think so. It is time for those who we elected to be our representatives to do our bidding. Since the majority believe that we are headed in the wrong direction it is time to change and the first step is to expel those who do not vote as we demand and expect.

Donald Myers is a retired Marine Colonel and regular contributor to Hernando Today. He can be reached at

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