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Tuesday, Mar 03, 2015

Myers: Realty vs. fantasy

Tribune staff


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I watched the latest State of the Union presentation and was somewhat amazed at what was said. I wondered if we were living in the same world as I heard about all the superb things that were happening. Of course the president added that we must do much better. I imagine so when one looks at the number of people who have given up looking for jobs along with the number of people who are on food stamps. This was a speech that sounded much like 2009. Does he not realize that he has been in charge for over five years?

The president spoke about people working hard and moving up the ladder, but he and his administration have done much to make that impossible with all the new regulations and roadblocks to progress. On the one hand, he states that he is willing to work with Republicans and then states that he will use executive orders to get around Congress. Again, I was amazed when he made that statement and received a standing ovation from members of Congress.

I suppose that it is difficult to appreciate reality when one lives in a dream world. Last year we learned that the president had no idea about what was going on with the IRS or the NSA. In addition, he knew nothing about Benghazi although he promised to bring those responsible for it to justice. It is over a year and we still wait with bated breath. Just prior to the last election we were told that Al Qaeda was on the ropes and Osama Bin Laden was dead. Now the president reports that the terrorists remain strong and on Wednesday, the chief federal intelligence leaders stated that Al Qaeda is as strong as it was in September 2001.

If I did not know better, I would have thought the presentation on Tuesday evening was a run for re-election rather than a report about the nation. Iran is no longer working toward developing a nuclear bomb and the coming agreement with its leaders will ensure that it does not happen. That really makes me feel good. Job creation continues to be on the upswing, but we still need an emergency expansion of unemployment insurance. Perhaps there would not be as many mixed messages if those in the administration did not live in a dream world.

As time passes, it becomes more and more obvious that this president does not hear about anything that could be bad news until it hits the papers and then it can no longer be hidden. His staff tells him what he wants to hear and since he has absolutely no experiences other than politics and academics, he has no idea about how to learn what is truly happening by asking the correct questions and observing what is going on. The garbage cans can tell the untold story about what the people think about the food. Off-the-cuff questions to typical Americans can tell a totally different story than what is reported. Unfortunately any time the president did this, he refused to appreciate the answer. It does not take people long to learn that a leader is not interested in what is really happening and so they will remain silent or tell the company answer. I have led enough organizations to know how this works. It is obvious that the president does not know or is comfortable in his dream world.

Donald Myers is a retired Marine Colonel and regular contributor to Hernando Today. He can be reached at

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