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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Myers: Symbolism is king in Washington, D.C.

A Mind of My Own


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On Monday, it was announced that President Obama had signed up for Obamacare. Of course, he didn't personally sign up but rather his staff signed him up. The rest of the story is that it means nothing because the president will receive any medical attention that he requires by the military and it will cost him nothing. This is not new: All presidents receive the same care by the military. Symbolism ruled.

Sadly, whenever any politician is caught doing something that his constituents do not like the first thing that is considered is how to change the message so the incumbent does not appear as severe. Think back to how many times President Clinton's staff tried to remake his image. Also think about how the media considered him such a good liar and then presented articles about how lying is good.

Presenting a politician to his electorate in the most positive light has created countless organizations in the Washington area who claim they are experts in that arena. Look at the so-called experts who give advice to the Republican candidates for president. They consistently state that the key to winning is to go after the independents because the Republican base will always vote for them. That advice did not work very well for senators Dole and McCain or Gov. Romney. In Romney's case, he won the independents handily, but the Republican base stayed home and as a result he lost.

In the coming elections of 2014 and 2016, there is no reason for symbolism. The difference between the parties is stark, and Republicans need only point out those differences. As an example, the majority of Americans are against Obamacare. Not a single Republican voted for it from either the Senate or the House. In order to pass that legislation, lies were told by elected officials. Even today, the administration is pulling out all stops and spending untold dollars to try to convince people to sign up for Obamacare by buying insurance.

The economy remains in the doldrums after five years, even though billions have been spent on various incentives that do not work. The unemployment rate has reduced, but mostly because millions have stopped looking for work and as a result they are no longer counted as being unemployed. The democratic answer is for the government to spend more money. Unfortunately, before the government can spend money, it must tax its citizens more, print more money or borrow more money. This administration is doing all three and it is not working.

The last big recession was in the 1980s and far too many of our citizens were not born while far too many others have bought in to how and why it was ended. In one word, it was GROWTH. The economy grew because the government implemented policies that created growth. As a result, more people were working and more people paid taxes. Revenues to the federal coffers doubled even though tax rates were reduced. Companies grew because their products were demanded by customers. Growth of the private sector is how an economy grows, not by the government spending money that it does not have.

Col. Donald J. Myers is a retired Marine who is a regular contributor to Hernando Today and lives in Spring Hill. He can be reached at

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