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Wednesday, Apr 01, 2015

Not a better off budget

Special to Hernando Today


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Senator Bill Nelson, this is a letter about a new federal budget proposed by fellow Democrats and being considered by you.

The democratic budget calls for an increase in taxes of $6.6 trillion against the regular taxpayer, over a period of 10 years and in addition to this, calls for an increase in government spending of $3.3 trillion.

To get a handle on the depth of $3.3 trillion, the entire yearly expense of the federal government comes to approximately $3 trillion.

This increase in taxes will adversely affect our businesses; small, medium and large, causing many to go out of business and hundreds of large companies will leave the U.S. for countries with low taxes.

This Democratic budget will never balance our federal budget, but only put us deeper in debt than we already are.

Economists will tell you that it is imperative to our economic stability that our government eventually must balance our budget.

This Democratic budget is ironically called “The Better Off Budget,” but who is better off with this budget, the politicians or the public?

The answer is the Democratic politicians whom with all this new spending, an additional $3.3 trillion, will capture the minds and votes of the slackers in repayment for all of the new free giveaways.

The losers under this budget will be the hard working taxpayers who will be saddled with the new additional taxes of $6.6 trillion and who will be supporting all the slackers on the government dole.

Over the years, you have voted a straight Democratic ticket, but now in your later years you should feel confident enough to vote for issues such as those that involve the economic security of the U.S., even though it is contrary to the demands of the Democratic Party. Here is your chance to change from a politician to a statesman.

It is obvious that this Democratic budget is a disaster for the economic stability of the U.S., but is a plus if you want to change the U.S. to a socialist-communist type state government.

It is time for the U.S. to balance its budget, like most states, but we are so deep in debt that it is going to take 10 years to do so.

If you ever want to leave a positive place in history and not be listed as one more congressman, now is the time to turn around and become a statesman and support the “Ryan Budget”.

The Ryan Budget provides ample funds to run the country and it does not increase spending unnecessarily and the good news is that it will balance the budget in 10 years.

Do the right thing for the country and the hell with the party.

Norman Pallot is Weeki Wachee resident.

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