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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Obama is, if nothing else, a consistently dangerous failure

Of Cabbages and Kings


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I recently pointed out that there are three serious threats to our national survival. Briefly, once again, here they are:

A large and rapidly growing electorate that votes illegally, and/or is ignorant and illiterate, and thus will vote for a destructive, socialist government, such as Obama's. Once established, such handout governments are essentially impossible to get rid of, and thus inevitably lead to national destruction.

A looming world war, based on race, ethnicity, religion and water rights - one in which nuclear weapons might be used on a wide scale, likely to destroy mankind.

And our thoughtless rush to use and abuse rapidly developing, highly fragile and vulnerable electronic technologies, which has set the stage for national disaster, if there is another world war.

It is to those three imminent and potentially disastrous situations that any responsible, thoughtful, intelligent and caring president would be devoting his full energies. But what is President Barrack Obama doing? He's spending millions of taxpayer dollars on another family vacation to equatorial and southern Africa, where Obama can, once again, attempt to get in touch with part of their supposed roots. Now please, before jumping all over me, allow me to admit that Mr. Obama did conduct some business while in Africa this time: he tried to convince Senegalese President Sall to recognize homosexual marriage, as had been recently done, sort of, by our ineffective Supreme Court; but Sall told Obama to back off, and, in effect, to take care of his own house before lecturing to others.

Has any prior president had a worse record concerning international relations? Venezuela openly thumbs its nose at us; China gives us the one-finger salute; and Russia tells us to go to Hell! All largely thanks to an inept and misdirected foreign policy, emanating from the Oval Office, and carried out by a bobble-headed Secretary of State, and her ambitious, obedient underlings.

So, in spite of at least three crucial problems facing his nation, President Obama takes his family on another obscenely expensive and unjustified vacation to Africa, while there lecturing host nations on homosexuality. As I mentioned in an earlier column: Nero fiddled while his nation burned; Obama flies while his is in flames (which he either lit, or failed to extinguish when possible).

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