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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Of keeping your 'eye' on the ball

Of Cabbages and Kings


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While watching the continuing, televised, politically-motivated Congressional inquiries into the Benghazi affair, it again became painfully apparent that our government's incompetent, amoral, careless, and often deceitful activities are usually hidden behind a smoke screen of lawyerly blather. The underlying problems, their causes, effects and cures are usually quite simple and immediately obvious to thoughtful persons, but are intentionally - or possibly just thoughtlessly - obscured during government investigations, thus leading to inevitable failure to act quickly or effectively.

The mind-numbing Benghazi inquiry persists in questioning why security for the consulate wasn't adequate; why our military didn't respond quickly and decisively; why the president and secretary of state tried to convince us that the attack was nothing more than a response to a movie that was critical of Islam; and why there has been no disciplinary action taken against DOS employees that contributed to the preventable incident.

The real cause, and cure thereof, is apparently unseen, unheard and consequently unattended.

The Benghazi consulate was attacked by anti-American, Islamic terror groups, simply because it was there when Libya was in a state of utter chaos, with no effective central government to attempt to control roving bands of rebels competing for power following the fall of Libya's dictator.

No diplomatic representation, nor structures, should have been opened anywhere in Libya. It's just that obvious and straightforward.

Whomever was responsible for allowing the opening and manning of both an embassy and consulate in that patently dangerous place is at blame should be quickly identified and appropriately disciplined.

Of course, that could involve Hillary Three Name, and President Barry, so it can't even be considered. And on we go with the meaningless dog and pony show.

Then there's also the mindless resurgence of calls for banning those evil guns, because of another workplace shooting - The Washington Navy Yard. And, once again, the focus on inanimate guns diverts attention from the most significant, and readily treatable, cause of such terrible events.

There are more than enough laws already confusing the issue of gun control; the Navy Yard shooter broke none of those in purchasing the gun used in his insane rampage.

According to many reports, that man was seriously troubled by mental disorders, and his antisocial activities had been well documented over many years before he lost control of himself; at which time he should have been locked away somewhere.

During his active duty in the Navy, his unacceptable social behavior was noted and recorded several times.

Reportedly, the Navy wanted rid of the troublemaker, and even considered a dishonorable or general discharge rather than the honorable one they caved and gave him.

Without that honorable discharge, the man would not have had access to the Navy Yard, and the current incident could not have happened.

The mentally troubled man is said to have continuously presented various military, government, and civilian offices and agencies clear evidence of being mentally unstable.

Yet, he was allowed to walk free and untreated as he honed his skill for, and thrill with, mindless slaughter of humans by endless sessions playing obscene, blood-soaked video games.

The problem, in the seeming proliferation of such public massacres, is not in the availability or design of guns: it is in an increasingly amoral, liberal society, which makes it possible for mentally unbalanced persons to roam the streets at will, while using violent computer games to inspire and direct a desire to "go down in a hail of bullets," as they slaughter anyone and everyone around them at the moment.

Had the Navy Yard shooter been quickly identified as mentally unstable, and then given appropriate treatment and had he not had easy access to bloody, violent, shoot-'em-up video games, this incident would not have happened. Government needs to focus on the major underlying cause of such tragedies, which is a failure to quickly identify and control mentally dangerous individuals, while also eliminating inspirations for violent behavior, such as the mentioned video games. But it won't.

Yes, we'll likely do none of the obvious things to prevent more Benghazis or Navy Yards. The meaningless investigation into the "unexpected" attack on the consulate in Benghazi will fade away, without blame being placed where it belongs.

And further, no preventative action will be taken to eliminate archaic and increasingly dangerous embassies and consulates around the globe.

At the same time, a shrieking senator from liberal La-La Land may stimulate creation of still another useless but costly piece of gun control legislation, while crazies continue to freely prowl our streets and places of work, feeding and sharpening their evil intents by practicing slaughter and crime through wild-eyed participation in explicit video games.

It does seem that our elected officials are either incapable or unwilling to even attempt to focus on relatively obvious root causes of seemingly inexplicable, tragic incidents affecting the nation today.

Apparently, an effective solution is only to be found in replacing every one of our senators, representatives, and the president, with men that are able to keep their eye on the ball, and kick it into the obvious and proper goal, without being distracted by cheers or boos from the sidelines.

Surely there must be such men - surely?

Of Cabbages and Kings is a syndicated column by J.G. Nash. Relevant comment may be sent to him at

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