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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Pallot: Medicare under attack from the liberals

Tribune staff


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Pres. Barack Obama’s director of Medicare recently announced that Medicare is authorized to request sex change surgeries in a case filed by a 74-year-old man.

Medicare declared that a sex change is a medical necessity and not a convenience. They estimate the total cost of this surgery will be between $7,000 and $50,000, which is more gross lies. Up to now, private individuals have had sex changes and the costs have been $250,000 and more.

The irony of Medicare granting sex changes is that certain medically necessary surgeries are being restricted and their benefits reduced in order to save money going to Obamacare.

A recent example of surgery being put off by Medicare happened to a neighbor of mine. He was medically diagnosed to need immediate hip surgery, but his doctor told him he did not qualify for Medicare under the new rules change because he was not bone to bone.

He had been and was at this time under severe pain from this hip injury for more than six months, to the point that he could not walk for this severe pain, which continued night and day.

Finally, after more tests his doctor told him he had bone on bone and he finally had the surgery.

This is only one example of possible thousands of other needed surgeries being put off because of these new changes in Medicare.

In addition to the delays in surgeries, Medicare is coming out with a new reduction in the amount of funding for surgeries, which is being kept quiet for now.

A good example of a medical necessity is injuries of the hip, knee, shoulder, arm, leg, etc. Sex change is not a medical necessity, only a convenience, except in the stupid minds of the bureaucrats in Washington running Medicare.

This man who wants a sex change at 74 years of age is merely looking for the possibility of having sex as a woman, which is a convenience, if possible at her age, which I doubt it.

All she really needs to be attractive to men is to look and act like a woman, she does not need a sex change.

To understand all of the changes to Medicare, especially the delays in surgery and the reduced payments for surgeries and benefits, Obama has reduced payments going to Medicare by $500,000 yearly, which money is being transferred to Obamacare, which is going bust.

The drastic changes in Medicare will not go away until we are rid of Obama, Hillary Clinton and our very liberal congressmen. Wake up America and pull it together to be rid of these bums.

Norman Pallot is a resident of Weeki Wachee.

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