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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

President's immigration policies are indefensible

Of Cabbages and Kings


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A typically liberal columnist, writing for a national news magazine, recently attempted to justify the Obama Administration's demonstrably failed policies on immigration. She alleged that immigration is good for the nation's economy. Of course, her feeble presentation failed, because facts show that the core of the immigration issue (uncontrolled illegal entry from Mexico) has been, and is, significantly damaging to the nation.

That columnist, in a futile attempt to show how immigrants have contributed to the nation's strength, featured four examples, which, surprisingly, included not a single immigrant from south of our border (which is where our problem with immigration lies), and which spotlighted only persons that have accomplished nothing more significant than creating some unnecessary and unproductive Internet gimmicks (e.g., Google, Flickr, eBay, and Yahoo).

No Fermis, Teslas, Von Brauns nor Einsteins in that "exemplary" group.

We must not allow naive, emotionally afflicted, politically motivated spokesmen, such as the referenced columnist, to divert our attention from the immigration problem that threatens the nation's economy and social strengths.

Uncounted millions of illegal, largely uneducated and illiterate immigrants from Mexico are a significant and severe danger. They add huge avoidable costs to schools, medical facilities, law enforcement, and welfare, while taking jobs from legal residents, sending most of their earnings back to their native countries and voting illegally and destructively (e.g., socialistically).

The Obama folks turn a blind eye to the obvious damage being done by the flood of ignorant illegals for two major reasons.

First, because many of Obama's financial supporters want to enjoy a continuing supply of cheap labor; and secondly, because, without the votes of illegals and their emotionally afflicted, "Hispanic" supporters, socialist Democrats could not be elected - not even as dog catcher.

In effect, they sell our nation's security, and future, for short-term, personal gain.

There should be no road to citizenship, no amnesty, for illegal immigrants, nor for their children, not even if they are born here.

Instead, the only "road" we should be paving for them is a one-way expressway back to Mexico. And kindly close the door on your way out.

Of Cabbages and Kings is a syndicated column by j.g.nash. Relevant comments may be sent to him at

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