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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Reiniers: Take back your citizens

More Than Words


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Let me set this up with some background information about the flood of minors and adults from Central America illegally crossing the border into the United States.

In a major campaign development in 2012 to gin up votes, President Obama, by executive order, bypassed Congress and gave hundreds of thousands of Dream Act eligible illegal immigrants immunity from deportation. This acted as a magnet drawing in new waves of illegal immigrants.

Now we are in 2014 and the Border Patrol reports that 90,700 illegal immigrants were seized in the Rio Grande Valley alone in the six-month period ending in April. Nobody has any idea how many more made it here successfully and vanished into the United States with the millions of other illegals.

The latest surge is from Central America. Asked how they managed to get through Mexico, those interviewed said, if stopped, they would bribe Mexican police.

The administration’s spin on this latest surge is that it is being caused by increased violence in Central American countries. But those interviewed say the main factor is rumor spread by the internet, local media and word of mouth in their countries that you can stay in the United States once you cross the border.

The media focus is on “unaccompanied” minors, but these numbers include whole families. One hardly could expect a minor to earn the $5,000 average smuggler’s fee, plus cash to pay the bribes to get through Mexico.

The uncertainty resulting from Obama’s executive order, in conjunction with the administration’s open border policy, simply fuel the expectations of those seeking to come to the United States illegally and stay permanently. This policy has been known for years, and reinforced by Obama’s appointments to public office.

In his first term Obama appointed MacArthur Foundation to the executive branch. Munoz is a well-known open borders advocate. She was a senior vice-president of the National Council of La Raza, a Latino activist group subsumed by the Democratic Party. In 2000 she was the winner of a $500,000 MacArthur Foundation “genius grant” for her accomplishments as a civil rights activist. She functions as the administration’s director of domestic policy. She is part of the president’s divide and conquer strategy; her assignment being to portray Republicans as racists for advocating more effective immigration enforcement.

These actions by the president understandably result in high expectations by illegal Latino immigrants. For example, as illegals arrive, they are released from custody, instructed to stay with relatives and report for further processing at the nearest immigration detention center. Sure.

(In reality, they simply melt into the illegal immigrant community until they are awarded amnesty.)

The president of Mexico himself is a man of great expectations. Earlier this year Enrique Pena Nieto took a pot shot at the United States for deporting Mexican illegals. In a television interview he said he was “indignant” and suggested that deportations demonstrate a “lack of conscience” on the part of America for failing to enact an amnesty law.

Why did he say this? One week before, he had a private meeting with Obama in which the immigration issue was discussed. What did our president suggest to Mexico’s president to get his hopes up? Recall Obama’s open mic slip at the Kremlin in 2012 during a discussion on missile defense when he told President Dmitry Medvedev to give him some “space” until after the November election when he would have “more flexibility.”

Just what is he telling foreign leaders that we don’t know about? Whose interests is he advancing – America’s, or his own ideological agenda?

The man is nothing if not inconsistent. He had flipped positions on public financing, super PACs, special interest spending, universal health care, gay marriage, a grand bargain on the debt, Guantanamo, extending the Bush tax cuts, Syria, a trade deal with Japan — the list is endless.

Contributing to Obama’s mixed signals on immigration, he just dispatched Joe Biden to Guatemala to meet with President Otto Molina and Salvadoran President Sanchez Geren — as well as representatives from Honduran President Juan Hernandez’s government and high ranking officials from Mexico — essentially telling them that we have to work together to resolve the underlying economic issues that cause their citizens to flee their own country.

What’s this “we” stuff?

The bottom line is that Mexican and Central American leaders and their citizens know Obama is an open borders advocate. The word on the streets is that the current wave of illegal immigrants is being released on its own recognizance regardless of what Biden said in Guatemala. These will be reliable Democratic voters.

Now imagine this: President Obama, after a White House announcement that he would make an important policy speech, travels to a United States/Mexico border crossing accompanied by an army of reporters from around the globe.

Then, while standing on a podium facing Mexico, he says: “Mr. Nieto... Take back your citizens. Mr. Molina, Mr. Geren, Mr. Hernandez... Take back your children.”

These two lines would be a shot heard ’round the diplomatic world and probably would reset our immigration policy with Mexico and Central America forever.

This is a speech that never will happen.

It would mirror Ronald Reagan’s exhortation when, at the Brandenburg gate facing East Germany in 1987, the then-president said: “Mr. Gorbachev... Tear down this wall.” It was an unmistakable challenge – not a mixed message – which reset our foreign policy toward the Soviet Union.

This did happen.

John Reiniers is a retired attorney and regular contributor who lives in Spring Hill. Email him at

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