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Wednesday, Mar 25, 2015

Revelations shed more light on scandal


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As more revelations of the IRS scandal are being released it is becoming increasingly evident that IRS Washington was involved more than they have previously admitted to.

Transcripts of testimony now indicate that field agents did in fact send material on conservative groups to higher-ups in Washington for direction. It was not as stated just some rogue agents in Cincinnati but involved supervisors and managers who should have exercised better judgment and cut off the improper actions.

While the Democrats still rail about the 2000 election results, with all the hanging chads, what was done to suppress the conservative voters was a far worse situation. Somebody, it seems to me, got the idea that if the conservative groups were held up in their effort to gain tax-exempt status it could thwart their efforts to educate the public on important issues thereby having a deleterious effect on voter turnout.

The fact that confidential information such as donor lists were given to opponents of conservative organizations who then harassed the donors caused potential donors to not make contributions.

Still, the person in charge of the agency, Douglas Schulman, cannot answer simple questions put to him by members of the Oversight Committee.

People like Schulman, who Democrats like to proclaim was a Bush appointee but fail to point out he was an Obama financial donor, should be brought before a federal grand jury; then let him play word games.

The only way this is going to happen is if a special prosecutor is established to review the whole issue of what happened at the IRS and who knew what and when did they knew it. People like Lois Lerner who had the arrogance to take the "Fifth" after proclaiming her innocence need to be brought before a grand jury to testify as to their involvement.

Then and only then will we get the type of testimony that will expose this most egregious abuse of federal power by an agency having altogether too much power over the American public.

If nothing else happens it should be a wake-up call for the Congress to take some kind of restrictive action.

We cannot allow this all-powerful IRS to now get even more of a stranglehold on the American public as it prepares to be the enforcement arm for Obamacare.

There is only so much the American public will put up with before it raises its collective voice of indignation and forces the government to act.

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