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Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015

Speeches and sermons

BY LEN TRIA, Uncommon Sense

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The liberal/progressive attack on the value system of the American public is one of constant denial of basic truths.

For example the libs and their cohorts went into a tizzy when Dr. Benjamin Carson delivered a very low key and somber message about the state of affairs as he saw them. He was immediately criticized for the speech and the venue of the National Prayer breakfast as being inappropriate.

Now along comes the Rev. Luis Leon delivering an Easter sermon that was totally out of step with the meaning of Easter. Instead of the meaning of redemption and what the Resurrection is all about and the gospel of love he chose to fly off like an unguided missile and attack conservatives as people who are almost demonic in their views.

The trouble is that he talked about people that he obviously knew nothing about. It is easy to repeat that which the left spews out to people who are now more than ever convinced of their victimhood. †

All that matters today is to make people feel unhappy and uncomfortable in their own skin and then blame it on somebody else while using the power of government to allegedly solve their problems.

We have spent trillions on the War on Poverty but poverty is still with us and little has been done other than to destroy the family unit. In Carsonís case, he didnít demonize anyone but had words of encouragement and by his personal experience showed how one can rise to greater heights.

In the case of Leon, we saw the opposite of a message of love but rather one of hate. When a person uses the generalization of groups of people, we know that is an ignorant person who has failed to do the proper research. But that has been the history of governments that rule rather than govern ó†that is to take the onus off of them and shift it to someone else.

The examples of that style go back to ancient Greece and have remained with us through the ages. One must always have a scapegoat for the masses to hate so they donít have time to think about the real problem.

Give that some somber thought and see if the pattern of misdirection is working to this very day.

Maintaining a set of moral and cultural values is something that we must espouse and we must get the youth of this country thinking about values instead of instant gratification.

We need to rally good folks here to once again spread the word and turn the tide in our favor. Not an easy task, as the pied pipers of the nanny state will out-promises themselves, but as Margret Thatcher once said, socialism ends when they run out of other peopleís money to spend. Thatís how dictatorships become the next level of rulers.††

Len Tria, a regular columnist for Hernando Today, lives in Spring Hill and is a former Hernando County commissioner.

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