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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

The government's repeated failures

Uncommon Sense


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Another senseless tragedy that has claimed a dozen innocent people and left many wounded took place this past Monday at the historic Washington Navy Yard. It was senseless and preventable because once again this administration failed to connect the dots when information was forthcoming relative to the shooter.

As late as August, Rhode Island police had contact with the shooter, Aaron Alexis, who complained of hearing voices coming through the walls of his hotel room.

The Rhode Island officials did their job and reported the incident to the navy base security personnel. That's where the process ended without interviewing the subject or checking back on numerous incidents of erratic behavior that included shooting a weapon through the ceiling of his bedroom and in another incident shooting out the tires of a vehicle.

The same contractor who was doing the security check on Alexis was also responsible for the background checks on Edward Snowden. The company identified as USIS certainly does not have a stellar record when it comes to vetting people who have sensitive positions with top-secret security designations.

The shooting spree at the Washington Navy Yard was by every measurable account one that should have been prevented if the authorities had done a better job reviewing the available information.

This was also the case with Maj. Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, who had left a trail of questionable actions and a demeanor that was outright hostile to the U.S. government.

However, political correctness or ineptness or just plain irresponsible behavior allowed the killings to happen. I believe that there should be some investigation into how Maj. Hasan was allowed to continue in his position after all the signs he left, which were not acted upon and eventually resulted in the death of so many innocent people.

There has been a long list of missed opportunities by this administration that have cost us dearly in human life, but no one is ever held accountable. Situations arise such as Fast & Furious that took the life of Border Patrol officer Brian Terry - and until this day the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives cannot name the person who authorized this debacle - or the murder of our ambassador in Libya, along with three other brave Americans, and the State Department continues its stonewalling.

When listening to the hearings, it is absolutely amazing how top officials like Patrick Kennedy could not provide information that a person in his position should have at his fingertips.

He claims that four people reassigned because of Benghazi, but he didn't know who authorized bonuses for them. The four didn't miss a payday for their failure but four brave Americans paid with their lives so much for the most transparent administration in history.

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