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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

The hapless, exploited American Democrat


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Suitable synonyms for hapless include misfortunate, unsuccessful, ill-fated, troubled and unhappy. This aptly describes too many of the prototypical, undereducated — often by bad choices — ill-informed Democratic voters.

Their well-educated, elite, progressive liberal leadership and equally talented mainstream media play this “hapless” coalition like a violin. This exploited segment of the Democratic alliance yields more than enough votes to keep driving our political culture even further left.

And a suitable synonym for the subtly nuanced word “exploit” is “betray,” in the sense of manipulate or to play for a sucker. This is the game Democratic leadership has played with generations of hapless, exploited Democrats.

Populist, divisive histrionics will always get the attention of the unsuccessful who are told by their leaders to blame somebody else for their lack of success.

The latest Republican strategy now seems to be that the path back to power is to make themselves more inviting to the left —to reach out to minorities and all those who have been made dependent on government entitlements. Dream on.

This is not going to happen. It’s too late for that. As I have predicted a number of times in columns written before the past election — and I’m quoting myself: This will not end well.

An independent polling company just released a study of 250,000 voters in which a series of questions were asked. The results: 87 percent consider the word Republican synonymous with greed, violence and racism. I find this astonishing and a tribute to relentless left-wing and mainstream media propaganda.

Greed? Apart from the well-documented fraud committed by millions of recipients scamming government programs for generations, let’s examine Democratic leadership over the generations. Talk about greed. How about James Curly, Massachusetts’s governor and mayor of Boston, who served two prison terms — his final term as mayor while in jail. (A power broker in the Democratic Party, he received a full pardon form President Harry Truman.) The history of Democratic city bosses over the years is the stuff of legend.

Fast forward from 1945 to 2013 when Chicago’s congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. pleaded guilty to fraud for misusing $750,000 of campaign money from his adoring voters to live the good life — Rolex watches, furs for his wife who also pleaded guilty, etc.

This was an Illinois Democrat who was bidding for President Barack Obama’s senatorial seat, which was put out for bids by then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, another Democrat who is now sitting in federal prison as you read this.

Going down the food chain and staying with today’s news, five city Democratic officials from Bell, Calif., were convicted of swindling city voters by raising property taxes to award themselves lavish salaries. (The city manager’s compensation package was $1.5 million.) Republican greed?

USA Today reported that the attorney for Mayor Oscar Hernandez argued in court that his client was “unschooled, illiterate and unable to understand city finances.” The mayor! You can’t make this stuff up. And none of these depressing facts get attention in the mainstream media. Imagine if all these crooks were Republicans. If they’re Democrats, it gets one day as a news item below the fold line and then — poof! — it becomes forgotten history.

The list seems endless. Former Mayor Ray Nagin, of New Orleans, Democratic poster boy during the mainstream media Bush-bashing orgy after Hurricane Katrina, was indicted on 21 corruption charges, including money laundering and wire fraud. Does anyone recall this being reported in the media? It was this year.

Republican Sen. Ted Stevens was convicted of corruption charges for failing to report gifts. He vowed to continue the fight to prove his innocence. He lost his re-election bid to a Democrat and was later killed in a plane crash. The charges were dismissed when it was discovered that the prosecutors “introduced false documents” and repeatedly hid evidence of his innocence during the trial. Do you remember reading about this in the MSM?

No. 1 on the Democratic Party’s talking points list for 2006 and 2008 was: “The Republicans are the party of corruption.” What is interesting about this perennial charge was expressed in a blog posting by an honest Democratic voter who is concerned because he lives in a city where the “Democratic Party is massively corrupt.”

Detroit is an interesting example of one big city Democratic stronghold. The former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick was just convicted of broad corruption charges, or as the Chicago Tribune reported, “victimizing his own city.”

This is a remarkably accurate description of what has been, and is, destroying America’s Democratic cities. Michigan has declared Detroit, once the world’s automotive capital, a financial emergency and is taking full control of the city’s operations. This could well be a trend. Cities around the country such as Harrisburg and Scranton, Pa., have filed for or are contemplating bankruptcy.

Gov. Chris Christie has put Newark city’s finances under state control. The mayor keeps raising taxes but can’t control spending. The state’s capital, Trenton, another Democratic stronghold, is getting reinforcements from the state police to combat crime. It recently received a $32 million in “transitional” aid, as did Newark before it collapsed.

The plight of ill-informed and undereducated hapless segments of the Democratic coalition in urban America has been exploited by Democratic leadership for generations. They are not a very bright lot.

As Walter Bagehot, English economist, observed in 1851, “They are nature’s favorite source for preserving steadiness of conduct and consistency of opinion.” Their party leaders fail to produce any meaningful gains for their municipal constituents, yet they keep getting re-elected. They simply blame Republican corruption; yet it is the Democratic bosses who are prosecuted for “victimizing” their own cities.

Demonizing the opposition is a powerful formula. It’s hard to argue with an independent poll in which 87 percent of respondents consider Republican as synonymous with greed.

John Reiniers, a regular columnist for Hernando Today, lives in Spring Hill.

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