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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Think before you speak

BY Abel Tarrada, guest columnist

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It is obviously safe to say that it did not take long for Len Tria to give his opinion without having given it much thought; however, it also seems safe to say that he has been listening to “No-News-Fox.”

First and foremost, I am glad that the two brothers were caught and that Boston will rise and show foreign and domestic enemies that you cannot break the spirit of the United States of America.

Mr. Tria, first and foremost you clearly have no knowledge of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the law that governs soldiers during peace and war time.

Yes, civilians do get killed in war, but it is illegal for any solider to kill civilians deliberately. As an individual who serve this country for 10 years honorably, I hold myself and every soldier to act in the manner in which they are trained.

No, it is not ludicrous for someone to lash out at Americans because of civilians being killed. Apparently you choose to forget that Americans attack Muslims for no other reason than being Muslims.

Either way, I hate it; we are all human and one person’s action is not indicative of the actions of a whole society, religion or race as you suggest. That idea is what is ludicrous.

The Russians did suggest the United States look into the actions of the older brother because they felt that he was being radicalized. The United States government investigated the allegations and, if I am not mistaken, found that he had committed no crime and did not show any signs that he would do something like planting the bomb that he did.

Apparently you feel that only those on the right are entitled to their views and opinions and that everyone else is a terrorist or communist as Mr. West had stated. You talk about those who spew radical views. You were one of those Tea Party crazy sympathizers who spoke of “Second Amendment remedies,” and you spewed radical views about our president whom the people of the United States overwhelmingly elected twice.

I’ll bet that, if you had been investigated and followed because of your views, you would be screaming bloody murder and saying, “Why are you following me? I committed no crime.”

Mr. Tria, you are so far out in right field you cannot see past your own nose, and you make no more sense than Sens. McCain and Graham, who wanted the president to make the younger brother an enemy combatant, even though there is no proof that either of them was linked to any outside terrorist group.

You are wrong in stating that all terrorist actions are rooted in the Middle East. Timothy McVeigh’s actions had no root in the Middle East. Neither did the Columbine High School massacre, the 2011 Tucson supermarket massacre, the 2012 Aurora shooting or the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

None of them had anything to do with the Middle East. But they did have to do with good old Americans exercising their Second Amendment “rights.” Furthermore your view of the Fort Hood shooting could not be more out of place. That shooting occurred because the major was being sent to Iraq.

As usual you seem to think you know better than the experts. You don’t. As for what he was reading in his emails, this country was founded on the supposition that we all have freedom of religion.

That’s the First Amendment, Mr. Tria, an amendment that you seem to have forgotten.

Mr. Tria, before you begin attacking our government for the Benghazi attack, I would suggest you contact that right wing House of Representatives of yours.

You know, the one that authorized that funding be cut for security in Benghazi. Since 2010, Congress has cut $296 million from the State Department’s spending request for embassy security and construction, with additional cuts in other State Department security accounts.

Abel Tarrada is a Spring Hill resident.

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