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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

This recovery is worse than the recession

Uncommon Sense


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The recovery isn't a recovery except to the low-information voter and of course the administration that looks at the events of the day with "rose-colored glasses."

The climate-change people have started blaming volcanic activity as the reason that global temperatures have not soared for the last decade. Who knows what the next excuse will be for the demise of the planet?

It probably is the fault of volcanoes that the economic recovery has, in fact, not been recovering. It will soon be postulated that somehow the Wizard of Oz is the real culprit and he has kept the country from moving forward economically.

That will be true if the public finally wakes up and identifies the president as the Wizard of Smart who in reality is the reason for the general malaise. When in history was a community organizer able to provide jobs and policies that promoted jobs and economic activity that benefited Americans.

What really happened is that incomes declined more under this administration during a so-called recovery than during the recession of President George W. Bush. So what does our "leader" do? He goes on the campaign trail to talk to college students about new programs when he can't even get the ones he has promoted to function effectively.

The same students who have spent years in college accumulating debt but can't find gainful employment to pay off their debt because the Wizard of Smart hasn't got a clue of how to get our economy moving again. One begins to wonder if there is a modicum of truth it the theory some advance that it is being done purposely.

Hard as that may be to believe it begins to ring true when one examines the people that the "Wizard" has surrounded himself with. Putting local issues aside, we have to look at the world stage, which has become another nightmare for U.S. foreign policy. We are withdrawing in the Middle East while the Chinese, Russians and Iranians rush in to fill the void.

Never before have we had to close 19 embassies because of threats from Al Qaeda, who by the way is on the run, according to our Wizard of Smart. Osama is dead, I got Osama, and Al Qaeda is on the run. That sounds catchy, but it is an outright lie; but that doesn't matter because the "Wizard" can say anything that pops into his mind like the 57 states he visited and the bow to the Saudi king that the press will not hold him accountable for.

Finally, why do we have a Wizard of Smart who does nothing to bring this country together but fans the flame of divisiveness? The racial divide in this country is worse now than it has ever been but the mainstream media will not hold the president accountable for his racial remarks such as "if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon."

He has had the opportunity to make conciliatory statements to bring the nation together but has done nothing to heal the nation.

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