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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Timing of events suspicious

Guest columnist


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Does the timing of certain events this spring seem uncanny to anyone else? I don’t believe anything happens by coincidence in Washington. But that is what we are expected to believe.

The week the VA scandal hit the mainstream media, we got Sgt. Bergdahl back. How convenient. He was held captive for five years and low and behold, we finally obtained his release the same week this scandal blew up. Negotiations had been ongoing for years according to a White House spokesman. Aside from the fact the trade was a disaster; the timing is hard to believe! The reasons given to make the trade now were: 1) His poor health, this from a five-month-old film; and, 2) He would be killed if anyone told of the trade.

If they killed their only hostage, what would they have to bargain with? It had to be done so fast Congress could not be notified. Really? And to make matters worse, the Taliban picked the five prisoners it wanted. After five years, the fact Bergdahl was a deserter was known to the military and to the administration. The firestorm this has caused was expected. It worked. Is the VA scandal still in the news? Just barely.

On Friday, June 13, the IRS said it lost two years worth of Lois Learner’s emails — only those that went to other agencies. These emails had been subpoenaed last year by Congress and we are supposed to believe they just found out. Really! And again on Sunday, June 15, low and behold, we have captured the main Benghazi attackers. How lucky can we be? After all, we knew who he was, what he had done and where he was from the get-go. Starting the month after the attack he was interviewed by the New York Times, CNN, FOX and several other news outlets. They had no problem finding him. Why couldn’t the Obama administration? Could it be he might totally disprove the bogus video story for good? After almost two years with him hiding in plain sight, the timing of his capture is just not believable. Another red herring meant to divert attention from the real scandal. How stupid does Obama think we are? And as this letter was being written, the IRS scandal is back in the news and has gone from bad to worse.

Just when I thought this administration couldn’t be any more corrupt and dishonest, it now says it has destroyed the computer hard drive that held those emails and those of six other officials. Does anyone believe that? When will the American people wake up and put a stop to this disgraceful administration? What else will it take?

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