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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Truth is still truth

BY LEN TRIA, Uncommon Sense

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The left is at it again as some radical medical school students at Johns Hopkins Medical School have petitioned the school to replace Dr. Ben Carson as the commencement speaker.

The Saul Alinsky play book for radicals calls for the destruction of anyone not in tune with the leftist philosophy. Carson made some comments relative to marriage and evolution that he holds to be his beliefs.

So what does the left do? It mobilized the LGBT and every other radical group to protest to the school administration and ask that Carson be replaced as commencement speaker?

They are forgetting the fact that Carson exemplifies everything that is positive as a role model for youth who at times feel left out. His pioneering work in brain surgery of conjoined twins is without parallel and I doubt that any patient first asked his beliefs on issues before they allowed him to operate and save their lives.

We live in a very sorry time that is constantly under pressure to refute what are basic truths. The tinsel town clueless are making a film about one of the most dangerous killers of the violent 1960s who was the Weather Undergroundís bomb maker.

Unfortunately, the FBI in its prosecution of William Ayers made some fatal errors that allowed him to go free. Then along the way he becomes a professor at the University of Chicago; his reward for bombing NYC police headquarters. Other colleges have invited such individuals as Hanoi Jane and Wade†to spew their anti-American rhetoric. †

But when it comes to a real American story of achievement they want no part of it because they are single-issue people with single-issue brains. Why does the left adore Bill Clinton, a man who disgraced not only himself but the office of the president as well.

How can anyone justify his behavior with a 19-year-old intern? He lied time and time again to deny the story until the famous blue dress appeared. What was his view of marriage during his term of office? Very clearly he believed marriage was between a man and a woman as he signed the Defense of Marriage Act that so stated.

Years later he has had an epiphany and now believes in same-sex unions. The same can be said for President Obama, as he was questioned on the issue of same-sex marriage he stated time after time that his thoughts on the subject were still evolving.

Both are nothing more than bald-faced liars as both of them were watching the polling on the issue and then took a stance that they felt was a good political position. What we have here is a case of politics vs. principles and they donít seem to have any of the latter. Happy Easter!††

Len Tria, a regular columnist for Hernando Today, lives in Spring Hill and is a former Hernando County commissioner.

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