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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Wait for the 'Fat Lady' to sing to declare victory

Uncommon Sense


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The great government shutdown has ended and now all the partisans are exploding with recriminations against those they feel were responsible. The problem is that too many are Republicans taking shots at other Republicans when they should be directing their ire towards the real architect of the shutdown. Tthis is our absent president.

Leading from behind is one thing but not leading is irresponsible on the part of the president. Refusing to negotiate with the opposition shows just how incompetent he really is. Good leaders know how to sit down with their opposite numbers and hammer out a compromise.

The problem is that the president refuses compromises and wants it his way or no way.

While the initial strategy put forth by Sens. Cruz and Lee may have been faulty, it did bring attention to the larger problems facing our country.

The problems with Obamacare should be allowed to crumble as it will and then the American people will reject it over whelmingly. The horror stories of high premiums and large deductibles are starting to come in as the lack of access to the website is becoming more and more apparent.

The refusal of the administration to delay the individual mandate will in the long run turn off a large segment of the population.

The young who are being set up to pay for the cost will see just how unworkable and expensive this law will be. The next issue is how the establishment politicians allowed the pork in the bill to fund the government.

Two billion for a dam on the Ohio River, $174,000 death payment to the widow of a senator worth millions of dollars, the failure to stop the payment of health care costs to congressional people and their staffs. It is time to flush out the big spenders who have no regard for the American taxpayer.

It's also time to get rid of John McCain and his sycophant Lindsey Graham, both of whom just like to hear themselves talk but usually say nothing of value. They are the darlings of the TV cameras and must go through several pounds of make-up each week. You can put Rep. Peter King in that same category as he is another one who can't pass a TV camera without making some comment.

The Democrats can crow now about what damage the opposition sustained but the play is not over, and when the final curtain comes down I believe it will be a shocker for the administration.

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