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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Washington suffering from lack of leadership

Uncommon Sense


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There comes a time when I feel that the entire Congress should be changed out. The situation as it now stands is a dysfunctional group looking only to score political points against their opposite number.

The so-called government shutdown is a prime example of people not caring for the good of their country but rather only trying to embarrass the other political party.

I think in terms of strategy the Republicans erred in pushing for the defunding of Obamacare tied into other funding bills. It gave Harry Reid the opportunity to shut down parts of the government and blame it on the Republicans.

This is all about the 2014 elections and trying to position the Democrats to retake the House of Representatives. The real culprit in this issue is the absent president, who by all accounts should be trying to work out a compromise. Instead, his recalcitrant attitude and constant campaign mode remakes denigrate the Republicans by calling them all kinds of reprehensible names.

He'd better hope that the Senate does not go Republican and the House stays as it is because he will be the poster boy for a lame duck president.

Remember the adage about how you treat people climbing the ladder of success because you see the same people on the way down that ladder. His arrogance in his public statements is nothing short of appalling. As the leader who should be trying to bring people together his obvious goal is to divide people.

He made a statement about the bad Republicans causing kids with cancer unable to get the treatment they need. Yet when the Republicans offered to fix the problem with no strings attached he shot back that he would not accept that bill and said he wanted a whole funding bill not a piecemeal offer.

So who is the real villain here? A community organizer who is so enamored with the trappings of power he would rather see kids denied their cancer treatment. Right now along with his minions in the Senate the president is content to let the shutdown stay because it suits his political agenda.

Watch closely as the "Affordable Care Act" fails under its own bureaucratic weight. Right now people are finding out what the true cost of ACA is and they are not happy. The public found out today that if the government wants to get the penalty money and you do not have a refund the government is authorized to access your private bank account and take your money.

We have gone from a Federal Republic to a totalitarian state that has thrown out the Constitution as an obstacle to their plan of ruling, not governing, our country.

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