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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Woods: Invade Central America to solve immigration crisis

Guest columnist


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Under liberal control in both the executive office and the Senate, this country is becoming a welfare panacea for illegal immigrants and a lawless open border nation, sending the message to all countries with internal strife, “Come to the USA, they will take care of you no matter how you get there. Cross the border and your home free.”

If this were not true, you would not see the train loads heading north thru Mexico everyday on their way to our borders. If you listen to all the bleeding hearts you’ll hear stories about how these children will be forced into gangs or killed if they don’t flee their home nations. That’s why, they say, we should allow this invasion into our country regardless of our immigration laws.

Look, if these countries are as bad as we hear and their infrastructure can’t control these gangs, then let’s reverse the invasion and offer our military police or even troops to root out these gangs and bring peace to these overwhelmed nations.

It’s apparent that their military or police units are not capable of keeping order or their young people would not be seeking other domiciles. We didn’t think twice about invading Iraq or Afghanistan and none of their people were crossing our borders illegally. I don’t care about their sovereignty, just like their presidents or leaders apparently don’t care about our sovereignty.

We need to stop the bleeding at the source. We can offer our assistance and if it’s not accepted, then we do what is necessary to alleviate the problem.

Mexico needs to do their part also. These trainloads of people traveling uncontested through their country has to stop. They apparently don’t care either because they know they’re just passing thru, headed toward nirvana here in the USA.

Obama knows all these immigrants are potential Democratic voters in a few years and at the least guarantees the ever growing Latino votes in upcoming elections. Yes, don’t think for a minute that politics is not involved. Politics is always involved when you deal with liberals. Remember, liberal basic philosophy is “Spending money will fix anything even if we don’t have it.”

The problem with that philosophy is that they don’t care were it comes from as long as it’s not their money.

We invest our blood, sweat and fortune in places like Iraq and Afghanistan where these conflicts have festered for hundreds of years between warring tribes and expect them to accept our ways. When they don’t, we step back and scratch our heads and wonder why. We need to take another look at our expectations for that region and let the chips fall where they may. Then, we must do our best to contain the outcome.

The invasion we need to deal with is a lot less formidable than ISIL or the Taliban. How long did it take to deal with Panama or Granada? Are Nicaragua and Honduras much different? No one takes lightly an invasion of another sovereign nation but can we stand by and allow this influx of illegals to continue.

There comes a time when enough is enough and I think that time is upon us. We supply millions of dollars to some of these problem countries. I think it’s time to build some prisons, install some courts and judges with that foreign aid and clean the neighborhoods of thugs and give these young people some hope of a future in their homeland instead of supplying a pipeline and illegal haven here in the U.S.

Our track record is a lot better in Central America than the Middle East and it’s a lot closer, logistic wise. The time to act is now. We’re not very good at nation making but we do a pretty good job at policing. It’s time to call a cop.

James T. Woods is a Brooksville resident and retired operations manager and Res. Naval Officer.

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