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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Letter to the editor


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Greedy unions

This is a reply to Mr. Lonergan, a union man. The benefits of unions in the 1920 through 1950s were beneficial, but things have drastically changed since then and have no bearing on the conduct of the unions from 1960 through 1990s.

The unions, during this latter period, were a great power in industry and in government control of its employees but were greedy.

Each year they made new demands for higher wages and increases in retirement pay and many other benefits, until increased demands finally caught up with industry and gradual wiped out of their profits to the point where thousands of companies were operating at a loss and they eventually went bust, because they could not meet the demands of the unions and make a profit.

As a direct result of union demands, thousands of companies moved overseas for production, leaving millions in U.S. unemployed, and they will not come back.

A very good example of union greed is General Motors (GM) and Chrysler. Both were bankrupt because they could not meet the demands of the union and make a profit. They had to close down many factories and let thousands of employees go.

The only reason GM is alive today is because the U.S. government loaned them billions and revised some of the union demands, and by wiping out all people who lent money to GM and giving the unions a 17-percent ownership in GM; however, the U.S. division of GM is still operating at a loss but the foreign overseas division is operating at a profit.

In recent years the unions have been actively engaged in politics in order to gain more power and control.

A typical example of union politics is the city of Detroit. The politicians in this city were all elected to office by the control of the unions and thus they were liable to the unions and were union men.

These politicians managed to suck the city dry of money over a period of 20 or more years. They did this by hundreds of devious means.

This same thing of union control of politicians is happening throughout this country in our cities and even in our states for a long time.

You are already seeing many cities filing for bankruptcy, and there will be more.

Industry will never return to the U.S. until such time as the unions are brought under control and the U.S. government releases some of its harsh limitations on industry, which could result in the reemployment of millions of workers.

Nonunion factories in the U.S. are all operating at a profit, employing thousands at a fair wage with fair benefits, such as Toyota, Honda Nissan, Kia, etc. We do not need greedy unions.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

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