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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Letter to the editor


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Balance needed

An entire page of your Oct. 4 edition is consumed by three finger pointers. I hope you will find space in an upcoming edition for my comments.

Domenick Maglio points to the Tea Party as a law-abiding group, Col. Donald Myers shakes his finger at Congress for not adopting Obamacare as their health provider and Doug Patton blames the president for closing the gates to our national monuments.

I'm somewhat shocked that you would let these right wingers pontificate on the "left" hand side of your editorial pages.

Maglio insists that Tea Party members are law-abiding citizens. They don't want Obamacare. I realize that a precise definition of the "rule of law" is elusive, but what did I miss when both houses of Congress and the president endorsed the Affordable Care Act. Did that not become the law? 

When Maglio says that the radicals are trying to destroy the establishment, does he mean the Democrats? Does that mean the Democrats are trying to destroy themselves? If I am a liberal, does that mean I am dumb for not believing this?

Myers says the Republicans are blamed for not wanting to fund the government. If I have been paying attention, they especially do not want to fund Obamacare. He also implies that members of Congress do not think Obamacare is good enough for them. So what? Why don't we ask all the people on Medicare whether or not Obamacare is good enough for them. I have the best health insurance care available, Medicare.

Myers comments on Obamacare doing great harm to our economy and the delayed implementation of the program for businesses. He goes on to say that Congress is excluded from this plan. What his point is befuddles me. If readers are to conclude that Obamacare should be delayed, I would refer them to the Physicians for a National Health Insurance Program website.

Universal health insurance has been kicked around in the political arena for more than 100 years. Does a delay mean that the conservatives would like to wait another hundred years?

The final blast from your contributors came from Patton. 

He said the Obama administration closed the Washington memorials due to the government shutdown. He is mistaken. The Washington memorials were closed by the government consisting of 535-plus politicians and thousands of government workers. Some are on the left,some are on the right and a few are in the middle. I was proud of our congressman on the right, Rich Nugent, doing something right by helping to open the gates to the World War II memorial.

When I entered the work force, my employer exposed me to a political action class. One thing they tried to have me understand was that a good Democrat or a good Republican always supports his/her party. I disagreed with that philosophy then and still do.

That kind of thinking seems to be even more prevalent today. In my opinion, if you want an honest and gutsy politician, limit his/her time in office to one term and watch their behavior.  Until then, they're sucking up to their constituents whose, for the most part, wanting something for nothing will never cease.

Joe Green


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