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Wednesday, Mar 25, 2015

Letter to the editor, April 18


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No more defending the unwilling

The war in Afghanistan goes on with the continued loss of life, both military and civilians, who are trying to bring democracy to this nation.  Our military leaders tell us when we pull out our troops, the country will be no closer to a democracy than when we set the first boot on the ground. 

Angelina Jolie on a recent trip created a school for girls.  We have to thank Angelina for her kindness, but what happens to this girls school when our troops leave? 

We all know how the nation of Islam feels about girls/women wanting an education. We’ve seen it time and time again. It’s virtually a death sentence for those females who want a place in a democratic society. So here we are, years after our first incursion into the Middle East, namely Iraq. And look what’s going on there today, in spite of all the American lives spent to bring democracy to that nation. 

And even before the last of our troops leave Afghanistan, their leader demeans the many sacrifices of our young men and women, who only wanted to bring freedom to the people of this nation. And now we have a maniac in North Korea threatening us. 

Unlike the Middle East, we have a democratic nation, South Korea, that was saved from the fate of their northern countrymen with the blood of Americans and our allies who fought that war. At least in Korea, we found a nation, South Korea, that prospered and today enjoys the freedom of a democracy. America must be cautious in its effort to guarantee freedom and democracy around the globe. 

We must not sacrifice our youth on nations that do not welcome us or our ideals. No more Iraqs, no more Afghanistans. We will only defend those who wish to be defended.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

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