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Thursday, Feb 26, 2015

Letter to the editor, May 12


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Enough already

Some members of the Hernando County school board should remember who they work for. These negotiations with this superintendent candidate has gone far enough.

We the taxpayers are the ones who will have to foot the bill for this salary some of these members are inflating to try and satisfy this candidateís demands.

The board put a dollar amount on this job, now this candidate wants thousands of dollars more. Well Iím sorry, this is what the job pays; either take it or go elsewhere.

We have a number of other candidates, local, experienced,†well-educated and with roots in this community who will†fill this position and donít have the baggage this present contender brings with her.

Let us not forget this candidate has an ongoing lawsuit against her last employer about monetary issues. Are we setting ourselves up for a similar situation if we hire her?

Why put our district in a situation that may occur if she is unhappy with us after a period of time.

There seems to be a problem with our school board when it comes to†hiring some of our local qualified people.†

It seems there might be some politics or grudges that is playing out behind the scenes that†makes†this board go outside our local talent base to fill this position like it has in the recent history.

We really donít need this type of game playing when it comes to our school district business. Enough is enough. Either take what is offered or take a hike.

James Woods


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