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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Exemptions an insult

How long are we going to allow the elite politicians in Washington to rub our faces in their believed superiority to the voters? Harry "The Crook" Reid has just exempted his staff from Obamacare. It seems it's not a good deal for him and his staff but God help the Americans who don't sign up for it, the IRS will be at your door with handcuffs. By the way, the loser-in-chief in the White House has not signed up, either. Well what do you expect from a dictatorial administration? Seems if you are a Democrat or have ties to Obama you can exempt yourself from this monstrosity with no consequences. Too bad, so sad, this was once a great and free country we had, too bad you voted it away.

Allan Walker

Weeki Wachee

'Stand By Me'

Those were sung by Roger Daltry at the memorial dedication of the Winston Churchill "bust" in Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol on Oct. 30. The leaders of Congress recalled how President Franklin Roosevelt and the English prime minister (whose mother was American) teamed to defeat the German war machine in World War II.

My father was part of that campaign. After the war he remained in the Air Force and retired as Lt. Col. Algernon Keathley Jr. in 1964. His younger brother (Charles J. Keathley) graduated West Point in 1944 and died serving his country in 1945.

My brother (Charles B. Keathley) died in Vietnam in 1968. He was a Marine. I served in Germany and the CONUS in 1975 through 1979 in the U.S. Army. The last two generations of Keathleys from Brooksville served their country; two died in service, four total serving. My mother had brothers who also served.

I have supported Republicans and Democrats (donations) and they have supported me since Ronald Reagan and each president since.

This is a different world since the Cold War, but we still need a stronger military. The U.S.A. is no. 1 and the English/British are no. 4 in the world in military power capability.

China, Russia and several lesser powers pose many challenges now and in the future. We will need more to serve their country in the future, as President Kennedy asked future Americans to do what they can for their country.

Local history: My great grandfather (C.C. Keathley) was president of the first city council in 1881. He founded the city and later served the county and state Legislature. His son (my grandfather, Algernon Keathley Sr.) was superintendent of schools and postmaster, a merchant and newspaper editor from World War I until his death in 1945.

I would like to serve in some capacity in the future. I am now 65 and have been receiving Social Security and Medicare and VA health care for a while.

This is my second letter to the editor. The first was after my brother died in 1968. I supported President Nixon at that time. I was never able to have a family. I supported a family of relatives (cousins) with my inheritance. They told me I could stay in this house for the rest of my life.

I have a B.A. in political Science from USF in Tampa (1981) using the G.I. Bill and graduated Hernando High in 1966.

I have had several jobs in banking, retail, government and factories over the years.

I supported President Obama most recently. I think Hillary Clinton would be a good president with all her experience.

I like many Republicans that I see on C-SPAN cable. I have supported Democrats (financially).

The last three generations of Keathleys have been members of First Baptist Church; my father's mother was a Methodist.

Eager to serve.

Craig Keathly

Brooksville, FL

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