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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Letters to the Editor


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No justice in insanity plea

What is wrong with this decision by Judge Daniel Merritt, Jr., in signing an order that adjudicated Richard Barrett not guilty by reason of insanity for the crash that killed Charles Hesser? So what if three doctors examined Barrett in 2012 and decided he was insane? We all know that pleas of insanity have been thrown out numerous times, because defendants can fool the system with their premeditated behavior of acting like they are crazy.

To add salt to the wound, Barrett will be back out on our roads driving in a matter of time, because his driver's license was suspended by an earlier court order. He was not banned for life from ever driving again.

If justice had been served, Barrett would have been sent to a mental institution where he can play out his role of being crazy. Who will be held accountable if Barrett drives again and kills more people? It certainly won't be Judge Merritt.

Betty Dobson


Learn from history or repeat it

The time has come the walrus said to speak of many things of ceiling wax and sailing ships of cabbages and of kings. Well, no doubt you're wondering of what I am speaking. The answer is how the millennials have come to their collective senses after infecting us with the worst president in the history of our country. You see, they are now realizing that the massive cost of the Affordable Care Act is falling squarely on their shoulders and to them that is not exactly the bargain they struck. They were stoutly for "Hope and Change" and now they see the change.

They know that they can only hope to find a meaningful job, hope to figure out how to pay off their massive college loan debt, hope to figure out which they can afford rent/mortgage or health insurance, since both will cost about the same. You poor dears. Old and young conservatives and Tea Party supporters, like me, I'm the old, warned you POTUS 44 was a bad investment. But would you listen, no. You being young and, well, ill informed, thought you knew better but we didn't live this long and not learn something. So cast these socialist ideologues asunder and look toward us as we do not embrace racism and inequality. We want every citizen of this great country to succeed and prosper, not give their collective earnings to slackers who would rather do drugs and breed than EARN a living.

Remember from now on the world you create you deserve so study history and just what took place under the writings of Marx and Engles and if socialism looks so great there was a guy named Adolf Hitler who thought so also. Read my children, I beg you, READ.

George Stansbury


And I Thought Obama Was King

Harry Reid has ascended to the crown. His recent edicts have made Obama appear as one of the jesters in the court of politics. He decreed that filibusters would no longer be tolerated in the Senate. And then, like a King laying his sword on his subjects, decreed his staff did not have to participate in Obamacare. Where does someone obtain this power? Did this power descend from the Heavens? No, it is pure "in your face". "I am King and I can do whatever I want, and if you don't like it, tough cookie!" Hopefully American's will respond at the voting booths in next November's election, unless the Republicans put up another candidate who doesn't know their backside from a hole in the ground. The Republicans had a chance to dethrone the "King" in the last election, but chose a candidate from outer space. It's up to you America. Do you want to elect a new "King" or continue with the current King?

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

Get rid of one-way streets in downtown Brooksville

I moved to Hernando a couple of years ago, and never in all my travels have I seen a downtown area of a small town with so much potential. Downtown Brooksville today looks like a Norman Rockwell painting with no people. I urge all involved to implement steps that would draw customers and visitors to the current, and future, shops and restaurants. Otherwise, signs should be posted on the perimeter of downtown which read: Downtown Brooksville: Open 9-5 Monday through Friday. Closed on weekends.

Andy Bendheim


Bravo Eckerd

On behalf of the Florida Department of Health and Tobacco Free Hernando, I'd like to recognize the Eckerd Youth Challenge Program for its efforts to ensure a safe environment for its residents, employees and visitors by implementing a 100 percent tobacco-free campus policy. Eckerd joins other local businesses including Oak Hill Hospital, Spring Hill Regional, Brooksville Regional, ARC Naturecoast, Pasco Hernando Early Learning Coalition, Accuform, and BayCare Behavioral Health as a leader in modeling healthy behaviors that will have positive physical, environmental and financial impact on our community.

Studies indicate that tobacco free businesses have a lower risk of fire and accidental injuries. They have reduced cleaning and maintenance costs. Tobacco-free work environments have a reduced risk of harm or discomfort to others by the elimination of second- and third-hand smoke. Finally, employees at tobacco-free work sites are more likely to reduce their tobacco use and some are even motivated to quit.

Adopting a smoke-free policy shows an interest in the health and wellbeing of all Hernando county residents. I wish to congratulate Eckerd Youth Challenge Program's Leadership, Board of Directors and staff for this proactive step.

Robin Wright

Administrator, Florida Department of Health

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