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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Snowden is no hero

The New York Times, that newspaper that has the reputation of printing all the news in a fair and an unbiased manner is urging the United States government to offer clemency to that great American patriot Edward Snowden. Gee, where was the New York Times when Benedict Arnold needed it? According to the Times, Snowden deserves credit for exposing America's top secrets to the world. I'll bet Iran and the Taliban are pushing for him to be nominated for "Person of the Year." OK, so he disagrees with NSA's surveillance programs, but why would he think the answer to this problem was to expose America to those whose only wish is to see the flag of Islam flying on top of the White House and the destruction of one of our few true friends, the Israelis? Other countries, France, Germany, expressed outrage over NSA's surveillance systems, but truly, do not these same countries have their own surveillance systems? Their real problem is, they do not have the advanced technology of America. The day will come, when the liberal media will have won their so called battle for the rights of citizens, and America will once again visit 9/11.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

Glorious Colts comeback

Mercy sakes alive what a comeback. Colts should be proud and Andy Reed better be looking for a new defensive back field coach. Who ever designed the defensive scheme used by the Chiefs in Saturday's game must have slept through the films . You could see the hand writing on wall almost immediately after the first half. The look on Andy Reeds face after the touchdown that got them within one score of the lead said it all. A deer in the headlights look is an understatement but that blank stair of disbelief should have made somebody take notice along the Kansas City sideline and try and change things before the bottom fell out. Well, too late now. The party's over. The changes won't help this year's outcome but as the saying goes there's always next year.

Jim Woods


Democrats must be stopped

Well we've had it folks. If the following doesn't get you riled up, I doubt anything will. There are Congressional hearings going on, quietly of course, to come up with a plan to confiscate your IRA and 401K plans and transfer them to the government under a plan called Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRA) managed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Isn't that nice? The Social Security Administration is the incompetent group that according to the Congressional Budget Office Social Security outlays will exceed revenue in 2019, and Social Security funds will be exhausted in 2049. So, for a 20-year-old just entering the job market who will pay into the system for 40 to 45 years, there is no hope of recovering that money when he or she retires. You want this government agency controlling your retirement funds? Are you kidding or what?

This is not a Democratic or Republican issue but a political elitist mindset that if we are to survive as a free nation has to be stamped out. The 2014 elections are critical to our keeping some semblance of freedom in America alive and well. It is our sworn duty to elect moral, constitutional minded and ethical people to the congress. It is imperative that the congress regain its role as the governing body of our government and remove the executive branch from the dictatorial position it has taken under Obama. Furthermore, the Supreme Court has no constitutional authority to make law or legislation which is the duty of the Congress. If the Court finds a piece of legislation unconstitutional it is to be sent back to the Congress for redress not re-written by the court. Let's get back to the America that brought the world freedom and prosperity and not allow this great nation to be regulated to the trash heap of failed dictatorial regimes. If we lose this election to the liberal elitists we may never get another chance. Freedom is always only one generation or election away from being lost. God help us find the wisdom to keep that which we have.

Allan Walker

Weeki Wachee, Fl

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