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Wednesday, Apr 01, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Regarding Palace Grand's New Year's Eve festivities...

I felt compelled to write about my disappointing experience last month on New Year's Eve. First off, we weren't allowed to enter the ballroom until 7:30 p.m. It was like entering an ice box. My boyfriend didn't take off his coat for two hours. The hors d'oeuvres didn't start coming around until after 8 p.m. Then we waited around until after 9 p.m. to serve ourselves dinner in the adjoining room. By the time we carried back our plates to our table in the ice box room, the food was cold. It was around 10 p.m. before Tommy Mara and his backup singers started performing. They performed for a short time and then took an extended break that was at least an hour. I later found out that they traveled to Show Palace Theatre to perform also. We were left behind with awful piped-in music that was un-danceable! It was an embarrassing night for us since we invited a whole table of friends from Spring Hill and New Jersey who had never been to the Palace Grand before. Our friends were very dissatisfied with the piped-in music and the cold food, too. When Tommy and his group returned to sing, the time was now 11:45. They performed for 10 minutes and then did the countdown to midnight. I thought well now at least they would perform until 1 a.m. Wrong! They turned on the lights and said "Thank you for coming and good night". I couldn't believe that we paid $160 for that. The owners racked in $800 a table and there were at least 36 or more there. ... When I celebrated New Years at the Grand Palace two years ago, it was wonderful and I didn't stop dancing to wonderful music. They alternated between a disc-jockey and Tommy. ... Never again!

June Hare

Spring Hill

Don't make teachers teach to the test

Your guest columnist Domenick Maglio brought to the attention the long-standing debate constant in the roles of teaching to young students learning to find their way through subject matter in what one could call holistic teaching practices maybe for alternative considerations in the classroom. I taught high school English, pre-college English and a foreign language back in the 1960s when teachers could teach with passion.

Really teachers are in a noble profession from Aristotle to Socrates in urging students to become their best exploring subject matter of the world around them, to stand on the shoulders of their fathers to see farther into the horizon and the future. Inquisitive minds will never be idle. It then becomes the job of the teacher to simulate the wonder and prospects that surround those willing to become inspired by the teacher's dramatic and artistic presentments in subjects that enlighten.

Science, math, history, geography, language, semantics, linguistics, grammar to parse the verb that few can accomplish, art and humanities along with teaching technology have at their core marvels to discover in the company of the right teacher for each. It is not fair to teach to the test as Mr. Maglio so brilliantly deplores. Creative exploration in subject matter can control the moment and cause learning to be exciting and worth exploring. Smart is subjective depending on the desires of the student motivated by a good teacher.

Thousands and thousands of teachers today are conscripted to teach in a practice that ignores the wonders of subject matter while teaching to the test. They will tell anyone who will listen that we can do better and they are ready to be involved.

Deron Mikal


No more extensions for unemployment

The time has come to urge my congressman, The Honorable Richard Nugent, and my senators, Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, to vote against any more extensions of unemployment compensation. This is necessary to get the lazy slackers working and contributing to our society. There are untold millions who have simply given up looking for a job because there is no incentive; after all, why work as long as the socialist regime will keep giving you money not to work? I know a vast majority ceased looking because the jobs available were not to their liking and to that I say 'Boo hoo.' No one said life is fair.

The biggest blight,however, are those useless drudges who are a drain on society who exist by living on momma's couch in her basement playing video games and dawdling on the social networks like Facebook. And these people who are ostensibly well-educated don't even bother because, well, who wants a graduate in fine arts to be, say, a product manager or human resources manager or to work in a research and development position when they can quote Balzak or expound on a Matisse painting or tell you how brilliant this or that actor/director is. Theirs is a true waste of brain cells and the money it cost for those spurious degrees, for they are the ones clamoring the loudest for federal handouts for the very reasons enumerated above.

The current administration cites that it is an emergency situation to which I say, 'How come?' The last official jobs report said the unemployment rate dropped by almost a full percentage point by adding a whopping 74,000 jobs. Now this a new math only a Marxian-Keynsian economist could possibly reach, yet with a declining unemployment the progressive-socialist Democrats who also, by the way, boast a recovery from the recession still bellow forth for more unemployment compensation. This is why I plead with my elected officials to stand against any more extensions.

George Stansbury


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